07 June 2007

"Killing the Environment with Birth Control"

Last weekend I was at the University of St. Thomas for the Catholic Home Education Conference, and picked up a copy of the St. Thomas Standard, A Publication of Conservative Student News, Inc. (They didn't have this publication when I attended CST, and, in fact, I thought I was grabbing a copy of the Aquin.) The headline on the Standard was, Killing the Environment with Birth Control, by Amie Kieffer.

I was quickly skimming the article as my husband and I walked from Murray Hall to the Field House. The paragraph that caught my eye was,
What if endangered species like the polar bear, caribou, or the blue whale decided they had other plans and reproducing their own kind was certainly not one of them. However, they wanted to keep having intercourse -- so, they started taking birth control. Whoa, wait a second -- they can't do that!!!

Although it wasn't the point of the article (animals being physiologically affected by birth control chemicals polluting the environment was), it made me think about humanity and its arrogance. Here we are, looking at the animals, and thinking we know so much better then they do about what is proper and just for them. Granted, we were given dominion over the animals, but my point is: What must God think of us? How arrogant we are to mess with what He created -- ourselves and our sexuality -- and think it is our right, our perogative, and our privacy. When the shoe is on the other foot and we are thinking the animals are silly in this hypothetical situation, we certainly don't look so smart. Portions of the world are depopulating because of our "knowing better" and wanting to be in control. How long will it be before God puts us on the Endangered Species List?

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