13 June 2007

Preparing to be a lawyer or a politician?

The other day, my son, charming as he is and all of 46 months, went into the kitchen when I was busy doing something in another room. The kitchen is off limits and he knows that. When I came near the kitchen, I heard him scramble out into the dining room as fast as he could. Here's how the conversation went:

"Mark, were you in the kitchen?"
Mark looks down and away. "No," he says sheepishly.
Me, turning up the volume a notch. "Mark, were you in the kitchen?"
No reply.
I sit down on the couch and tell him to come stand in front of me.
"Mark, look at me. You need to tell me. Were you in the kitchen?"
Mark is looking me in the eye and says with all earnestness, "Don't ask me that question!"
I go from being mad to giggling.
I ask again, very calmly this time since he's making me laugh. "Mark, I need to know, were you in the kitchen?"
Mark, again in all earnestness, "I can't answer that question!"

I don't know if this is something innate in children or if he is secretly watching some lawyer shows on TV or just what is behind this. Cute and scary all in one.

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