12 June 2007

To be or not to be - that is a Beatle's question

I really don't get the mindset of pro-choice people. Yoko Ono is running around telling reporters that she considered aborting her son, Sean. Even if you considered abortion, even if you were planning abortion, why would you be so callous as to talk about it knowing your child will learn of it? She talks about Sean as "it" and how she left the decision up to John Lennon. So selfless to let John make the decision.

No Mother's Day card for her next year.

This link has the article and other comments that pretty much sum things up.


Sanctus Belle said...

That is so horrible I'm speechless. Another telltale sign of the shame every woman feels about abortion: I'm a nurse practitioner, I know that one in 5 pregnancies end in abortion. When I take a woman's history I have never once gotten a 'yes' answer to having an abortion. Its virtually impossible that I've never seen one woman who's had one - so therefore they are ashamed of it. There's no other explanation is there. I can't even help them to refer them to Rachel's Vinyard because they will not reveal that which is hidden with so much guilt.

swissmiss said...

Sanctus Belle:
Guess you had to read past the Scandinavian stuff to get here (yes, I saw on your blog that you are Swedish). Joking aside, I just don't get the mentality. Here her son is walking around on the planet and she is talking about him with such disregard. No wonder kids are screwed up these days. I wonder about the statistics on abortion. Maybe they are that high, but maybe they are taking all the abortions and peanut buttering them over all the women in the world and coming up with that figure. From what I understand, in some countries, women have numerous abortions. That might skew the numbers to be a bit high, but it still is an awfully alarming number.

Terry Nelson said...

I never liked Yoko.

swissmiss said...

I think she is an acquired taste that most people either haven't, or don't care to, acquire.