13 November 2007


My brother made it here. Things are fine...so far. Think we are going to do some shopping today since he has a list of things he needs to bring back to Switzerland with him. Also need to go to the Post Office and mail half of his junk back to Switzerland since he has more bags than Imelda Marcos.

I don't care for shopping. Hauling my kids around to stores where they want all the stuff but can't have any is also not on my list of fun things.

Don't know how much blogging I will be able to do since I'm entertaining him nearly every minute. Thought he was going to get a rental car and stay in a hotel, but silly me, he's sleeping on my couch. Don't know for certain how long he plans to stay...it's up in the air.

Even though it's only Tuesday, I don't have time to do much and stumbled on another quiz. These things are like near occasions of sin for me. I must resist.

After my last quiz on "What Cross are You" and I got the Celtic cross and the St. Brigid's cross, I had to conclude that I couldn't get away from my Irish heritage. Now there's this...

Your Inner European is Irish!

Sprited and boisterous!
You drink everyone under the table.

Since my drink of choice is Coke, I don't know how many folks will be under the table. Maybe it's the caffeine that makes me spirited and boisterous. Spirited, maybe. Boisterous, nah.


Vincenzo said...

Your Inner European is Italian!
Passionate and colorful.
You show the world what culture really is.

swissmiss said...

Either the test is completely rigged or it is totally correct. I can't believe you got Italian!! I can't believe I got Irish. I was hoping for something like German...although I don't think my temperment is too German :)

Vincenzo said...

I changed one of my answers the second time I took it but I was still Italian.


Lisa said...

Mine was Spanish! I am really Irish- go figure. I guess in real life I'd like to have a pint, on a beach, while talking politics and be driven home in a Mercedes(convertible, of couse). Ha!
Hope the visit goes well with your brother.

Divine Mercy said...

i hope all goes well. on the european thingy, i scored french.

Sanctus Belle said...

yeah, I'm shocked to learn my inner European is Russian! How did that happen?? And I thought you'd be Swiss! :)

gemoftheocean said...

Mine was po-russki.

As for shopping: I concur -- I HATE shopping. If possible I try and shop online. Saves me the trip to the store and sometimes there's a discount at amazon or barnes and noble or LLBean or Steele's Fudge etc.


Lisa said...

Do you have e-mail? I wanted to respond to one older post(September) I read of yours. I am catching up on your blog.
Thanks! Have a blessed day.

swissmiss said...

Wow, I'm shocked at all the diversity of the results! Maybe the test isn't rigged and I really am Irish by nature and genetics :)

Vincenzo: You are an Italian master ;}

Sanctus: I'm of overwhelmingly Irish descent, but so many people are too and all the good blogger names and log-ins that are like Irish Lass or similar are already taken, so I resorted to my Swiss branch since it's fairly unique.

Karen: I spent the entire morning shopping with my brother, drove him all over time to buy a Wii system and other assorted things and we still aren't done :( All I got out of it was a stinking ARMY tee-shirt!

Lisa: You can reach me at swiss-miss at att dot net

Terry Nelson said...

I'm French.

I can't believe it - a woman who does not like shopping! I hate shopping. I cut a niece out of my will for insisting I go shopping with her one day.

Your brother being here reminds me of those pesky relatives who want me to show up for their holidays. Bah! Humbug!

swissmiss said...

French, eh? You should hear my brother complain about the French (he lives in Geneva) and also whine about the military. I can almost understand his point...on both.

My hubby and brother went out to O'Gara's last night and my brother commented that he was becoming a curmudgeon...and my husband said I was too! So, I was in bed by 9:30pm, that doesn't make me a curmudgeon, it makes me a worn-out mom!

Shopping is only fun if money is no object, the clothes fit nicely without having to suck in my gut and I don't have kids in tow. Since none of these happen at all lately, shopping is tedious ;}

:o) said...

You rabblerouser! I got irish, too. Good luck with your bro.

Anonymous said...

Russian--(my real heritage is German).
Hooray! you, Karen and Terry hate shopping--me too! It's so nice to know I'm not the only one.