20 December 2007


View of the ice dam on our roof (as viewed from our upstairs window, the strip of snow near the top is the boulevard, then the sidewalk, then our roof). Our house is 80+ years old and obviously lacks some insulation. You can see some of the shingles in the middle of the picture where my hubby hacked away some of the ice. It's about 3-4" thick. It's supposed to get up to 35 degrees tomorrow and this side of the roof faces south, so maybe it will melt nicely and go away.


Adrienne said...

You have been blessed. Please pop into my blog and see your blessing and then bless three others.

Divine Mercy said...

alot of places in canada and the US has been hit hard by snow storms. so far, we've been pretty blessed. but that doesn't mean it cannot happen here.