13 December 2007

Misadventures in multitasking

It's the last bible study of the year. It's the day everyone brings goodies for the teachers in the children's programs as a small thank-you for all they do.

That was my plan, anyway.

Last night, hubby had to run to the store to get some butter so I could make six dozen cookies. I like to have my son help with baking and some cooking so that he gets familiar with it. My son loves to help since the kitchen is typically off-limits.

I was multitasking, getting the dishes in the dishwasher, cleaning the fridge, watching my kids who were playing on the kitchen floor, getting leftovers into little containers, and getting the dry ingredients put in a small bowl so they were ready to go when hubby came back with the butter.

All was well when hubby returned with the butter. Then, my son and I started in on the cookies. They looked beautiful. Got the first two dozen made into little balls and placed on cookie sheets. Grabbed a spoon and tasted the dough.


Some how a tablespoon of salt ended up in the cookies instead of a teaspoon.

This hasn't happened before and this was a very inopportune time since we have bible study this morning. At least I have a back up plan -- give the teachers some store bought cookies I have in tins. I'm so sorry!

And, for the record, the dough was so bad that even hubby wouldn't eat it.


Vincenzo said...

"Some how a tablespoon of salt ended up in the cookies instead of a teaspoon. This hasn't happened before and this was a very inopportune time since we have bible study this morning."

I'm usually very careful about these things too. However, this happened to me when I made beer bread a couple of weeks ago. I used tablespoons of dill instead of teaspoons. Luckily I realized my mistake and I was able to scoop some out (sure glad it's green ;})

Divine Mercy said...

iam soooo useless at multi tasking!!!! i can only do one thing at a time.

gemoftheocean said...

ACK! Sounds like they are down the incinerator now but NEXT time [God forbid] that happens ... just find a woman on her period. A friend of mine noticed the phenomenon after I mentioned to her that I had a tremendous craving for salt...she said "that time?" Somehow, I hadn't made the connection before, but she was right.

swissmiss said...

I can't believe YOU made a cooking mistake ;} I didn't even know a mistake had been made until I tasted the cookies and then looked to see if the teaspoon or tablespoon measuring cup was dirty and sure enough, the tablespoon was sitting on the counter and the teaspoon was still in the drawer. So, there was also a tablespoon of baking soda instead of a teaspoon, in the cookies. YUUUUUCCCKKK!!!

I'm a recovering Type A personality. If I don't multitask, I don't feel like I have made good use of my time. I am getting better, but this is one reason I can't sit and watch movies. Which brings me to...

Who loves movies :)

These cookies were SO bad that an entire battalion of Amazons wouldn't have eaten them. I could throw the dough out in the middle of the street and rats wouldn't give it a second look...although it might help melt the snow.

:o) said...

How frustrating! I've done something similar before. Recently, I made pancakes but put too much baking powder in. They were so flat and disgusting!

Vincenzo said...

Pancakes sound good! I'm going to make some tonight.