01 December 2007

Just in time...

for Advent AND the snow storm.

We ran out this morning and got a tree since we knew we would be hanging around the house with the snow storm today. Here's what it looks like outside at the moment. We've had a few hours of snow so far. Supposed to get between 4"-12"

Winter is here. Brrrr!

Here's the tree. We typically get the tree the Friday after Thanksgiving since we are usually at my PIL in northern WI. However, this year we spent Thanksgiving nearby at hubby's aunt's, so we had to find another plan. This tree is from a local store. Kind of takes the fun out of things and it was hard to tell what the tree looked like since it was all tied up. Here's what we ended up with, a so-so Balsam. We don't have any tinsel or garland on it and the lights are the LEDs, but they don't seem to really be shining too bright. They are a rope and I think I'm going to take them back and see if I can get a string.

Sorry, I cut the angel's head off (even after three attempts!) And, yes, the walls are aubergine.

And, here's the Advent wreath my son made in bible study that we will use this year. The wreath bough is made from his hand prints. I think we'll set it on the table and set some real candles on it and light them. He has to go back to bible study each week to get the other "flames" to light the candles.

Will have to take pics of the Jesse tree once I get it up. It used to be my husband's sci fi ornament tree, so it should be interesting.


Anonymous said...

It's lovely; snow and a Christmas tree; perfect.
I like the aubergine walls :)

God bless

Thinking Love, No Twaddle

Adrienne said...

Hey, that's a nice tree and the color of walls is great.

We're expecting 3-6 inches turning into rain Sunday night which will make a big huge icy mess. Love winter!

Divine Mercy said...

balsam smells really nice. i miss this about real trees, but my allergies are bad, so that and trying to help save the earth and our budget, i got me an artificial one which is up, and looks awesome. not as lovely as the real thing, but it is pretty! your tree looks nice!