05 December 2007

Jesse tree

Here's a picture of our Jesse tree (sorry the picture is so dark!). Not your typical Jesse tree, but it was this tree or nothing else. The tree is one of those old antique aluminum ones. My husband has a bunch of Star Trek, Star Wars, planes, space craft, etc., type ornaments that we used to hang on this tree, but we haven't gotten it out for about five years. Now, it is our Jesse tree. You can see one of the Jesse tree ornaments hanging on the very bottom. For some reason, the kids want to hang all the ornaments on the bottom branches, so all of them are in a clump there. This is probably because it is at eye level for them since the tree is sitting on top of an old dresser.

Today we will write our letters to the Christ Child for St. Nick to gather. It may just be one big collective letter this year. That idea would harken back to the space theme of the tree...Borg, collective, resistence is futile. It's a geek thing.

And, speaking of geeks. Beloved geek (aka hubby) was home for a good part of the day yesterday finishing two papers he had to do for his grad classes. He had one due last night and one due today, so he was on the computer all day and I couldn't blog or nuthin'.

Maybe we need to rethink this Luddite stuff and get another computer.


Adrienne said...

My first tree as a young adult in her first apartment was my Mom's old aluminum tree. I decorated it with hollow chocolate balls wrapped to look like ornaments - it was all I could afford.

A few days later I noticed my Yorkie's poo-poo had a shiny appearence and when I checked it out there was foil twirled through it like a barber pole. He was eating all the chocolate balls off the bottem of the tree - foil and all!

Those old trees actually bring big dollars on ebay.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Our Jesse tree is a paper one on the wall. The little'uns are making the decorations and then I laminate them and blue-tac them to the wall. It's not tidy-but it is fun.
Happy St Nicholas for tomorrow

swissmiss said...

This tree is from eBay. I bought it back in the 90s before most folks had heard of eBay. Got it for a song. It's in perfect shape and was great for the space theme. Maybe next year we will have a nice Jesse tree that is more traditional than space-aged!

These were just ornaments we printed off the internet. Made life easier. Next year I will try to do a smaller tree with much smaller ornaments. Just wanted to make sure we had an emphasis on Advent instead of only Christmas Day.

BTW: My aunt had a Christmas tree that she hangs on her wall. I should get a picture of it. She has a very small home, so it is perfect for her.

Vincenzo said...


swissmiss said...

My husband is busy taking out the trash at the moment. I will HAVE to show this to him!! He will get a kick out of it. Very cute. Maybe next year I'll have to have three trees: Christmas tree, Jesse tree and Star Wars tree. I sure hubby would vote for that :)

General comment for anyone who is reading: None of these comments are showing up in my inbox as they normally do. It doesn't seem to affect the posting of comments, but I don't know if anyone has posted a comment so can't reply back unless I check the comments on the blog directly. Will have to restart everything and check my settings and see if that fixes things.

swissmiss said...

Just testing to see if my comments are now working......