30 May 2008

Oedipus in context

A few Christmases ago when my brother and his family were visiting from Switzerland, they kept talking about how their two boys were both going through an Oedipus Complex with my sister-in-law. I chalked it up to my brother being gone for a few months for warrant officer training and figured my nephews had just gotten used to relying on their mom for all their emotional and temporal needs.

I thought that stuff liked this happened, but it wasn't a common occurrence. My son hadn't shown any more affection to me than he had my husband. He'd take a hug and a kiss from either one of us with out batting an eye.

That all came to an end last week. Suddenly, my son wants to be my friend only. When dad comes home from work, he doesn't run to see him, instead he's pretty indifferent. If I'm on another floor in the house than my son, he tells me he's lonely. Now he wants to hold my hand when we're in a store, when he previously had been a "big boy" who didn't do those silly things any longer. I've been told, "I love you," a lot recently, even in public.

I'm basking in this honeymoon period knowing it won't last long. Childhood doesn't last long. My son can hold my hand and sit by me on the couch all he wants.

He'll get over it long before I will.


Tania said...

Surfing around came accross your beautiful blog - I just started one myself a couple of days ago and still learning :-)
God bless.

Kit Brookside said...

Does it count that I'm the only one the 13 month old savage doesn't bite? LOL!

I'm looking forward to the Mommy's boy stage, however fleeting it may be. It took me until about age 3 and 7, respectively, to become my girls' favorite. That's about when the shopping thing kicked in.