16 May 2008


The news this morning is all agog about Obama calling a reporter, "Sweetie." They also showed tapes of him saying this frequently in the past. Maybe not the best habit to have, but definitely a stupid thing to do when you are running for President. For a cool customer, Obama sure knows how to step in it.

Personally, I don't have huge problem with men calling me sweetie or honey or snookums. It was more Obama's dismissiveness of the woman's question that was the rub. THAT would've been what irked me, not the name. I used to be the only woman in a group of men. One of only a few women in a huge department of men. If I would've taken offense at names like this, which were meant more as terms of endearment, I wouldn't have gained anyone's respect or support. Call me whatever name you want as long as it doesn't cloud the respect owed me as one of your coworkers. I think this is what some people have a problem with since they see it as disrespect.

Today everyone is hypersensitive, looking for how everyone else is out to dis them. However, there are some men of a different generation with different sensibilities. They still adhere to chivalry, hold doors for you, look out for you, even consider it their responsibility to protect you. God bless them.

My father was of this generation. He was charming and sweet. Definitely a "man's man," but he knew how to treat a lady. One day he went to Arby's. Yes, Arby's. When he got to the counter, he went to order his meal. He said to the girl behind the counter, in his carmel soft voice, "Honey, I would like a Number 5." Well, that didn't go over well with the nose-ringed and tattooed gal. She sniped back that, "No one calls me honey except my boyfriend."

To which my unflappable father replied, "Well, then, A**hole, I'd like a Number 5."

Yep, there are worse things than being called sweetie.


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Mairin :o) said...

I think I'd like your Dad!

I have a habit of calling kids unrelated to me endearments. I hated that when I was a kid.

Obama calling someone an endearment is the least of his faults. I'd say the bill he sponsored to kill babies accidentally born alive after a botched abortion a bigger problem.

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gemoftheocean said...

ROTFL, I wish I'd met him!!!! If he held open the door for *me* I'd have said "why thank you, kind sir!" [As I always do ... unless the guy's an a-hole. ;-D JUST kidding!

RonG said...

Just came across your site - like it very much.

I am in the father(not ordained) category. I spent 40+ years in the Federal bureaucracy.

In the 60's women employees were basically secretaries, made coffee and arranged holiday parties. I guess we all accepted it as so many other passing mores. Time and talent has won out and left behind so many stereotypes.

Having spent a number of years around Baltimore, many,many time I was called "hon." Never thought much about it.

I'm glad respect has been given to all. I don't think any disrespect was meant, it's just the way it was.

Write on!

swissmiss said...

My dad was quite a character. Off beat sense of humor! He was both of the world and not. A Third Order Carmelite for decades, but then never lost his ability to be creative with the language or swear like the Navy sailor he had been.

Welcome to my blog! I don't really have a problem with the sweetie thing. Much better than the disdain you get from most salespeople or customer service folks nowadays.

adoro said...


Back when I worked in Insurance, in one of my first real investigations, the girl in question's father and I had a good number of conversations. And he often called me "Dear". I was always sensitive to what I was called, but that man NEVER offended me, because he was never disrespectful in his tone or anything he said. In fact, he was an agonizing father. I could tell that his expression was just "his way" and nothing more, and in fact, he meant his terminology as a form of respect. If this same man had called me "Ms." or "Miss", I might have been offended then. Ironic.

I've also spoken with people whose every other word begins with "F". And those same people made me cringe, but didn't really offend me, for the same reason. They weren't trying to offend.

It's obvious when somone is being idiotic and rude. Customer service is a great place to learn which to discern....especially considering that MOST people aren't interesting in offending anyone!

By the way, your Dad cracks me up! I love him!