20 November 2008

A house full of pilgrims

This year Thanksgiving is at my house. Hubby's family, sans his sister and her husband who never do anything with the family, will all be here. It's only about a dozen people, so not too bad as far as cooking and logistics go...but the conversation will certainly be interesting. Interesting in a contentious sort of way.

At least the neighbor makes wine and keeps us well stocked.


Vincenzo said...

"It's only about a dozen people"

That's a lot! You're amazing! I'm craving Thanksgiving food NOW.

swissmiss said...

Compared to the dinners with my family, where we had a dozen aunts and uncles and two dozen cousins, then grandparents, etc., cooking dinner for hubby's family is pretty tame...except they have a family tradition of wild rice because the family settled in a bog in northern MN and they used to go ricing and harvest the rice (in canoes using sticks to smack the rice into the canoe). I could live without it, but it is the only really sacred tradition they have :) Oh, and they have to watch football. I would rather the TV wasn't turned on, but tried that one year and was almost stoned to death. At least watching TV helps to cut down on the amount of time they spend arguing about politics.

Cathy_of_Alex said...


I'm shocked that Vincenzo seized upon the food angle! :-)

Ray from MN said...

Does your hubby have Native American heritage, Swissy? I thought only they could rice.

My rough count gives me forty at a Swissy family gathering. Do you all living in castles?

Let alone fighting over politics, with that many men in the room, fighting for the TV clicker must be something to behold.

swissmiss said...

Hubby's family has no Native American heritage...I believe Native Americans get first dibs on the fish (spear fishing) and rice and whatever else, and then others can come in and take what's left. I'd have to ask my husband to be sure.

And, no, none of us live in castles, anyone under 20 is sent to the basement while the adults get the upstairs. I have never had dinner in my current house for my (mom's) family...that's why I said the logistics wouldn't be too hard with 12, which is about all my craftsman-style bungalow can hold without bursting. I can fairly easily fit 8 adults at the main table and four kids at another table. You know how it is Ray, these folks grew up on farms and slept three in a double bed...cozy is in their blood!! Good thing that my mom's family gets along well. I couldn't handle such togetherness with a similar set-up with hubby's family :)