07 November 2008

Irish luck

It was about six years ago this November that hubby and I took a trip to Ireland with my aunt. My aunt and I had recently done a great deal of genealogy research on several of our Irish lines and she was eager to see Ireland.

And I thought travelling with children was bad.

One of our stops was to see where my Irish grandfather's family was from outside of Newport, County Mayo. Since it was off season, there weren't any B&B's available in Newport, so we drove to the next town, Westport.

In 1846, my great-great grandfather left the area with his wife and newborn daughter.

Although I had returned to the area previously, this time, in 2002, we went all the way back to my ancestral homeland and brought home a little souvenir...my son. Westport is literally my son's homeland!

After dinner and a few beers at the well-known Matt Molloy's, the luck o' the Irish struck.

Above photo is of the Linden Hall B&B where it all began.


mum6kids said...

Ah, now that's a romantic story!
You'll have to sing "When Irish eyes are smiling..." as his lullaby. (Okay so maybe he's a bit old)

mum6kids said...

I have awarded you :)