24 November 2008

A PSA for St. A's TLM

Wow, I think I'm almost there with text message lingo. Too bad I'm a Luddite and don't know how to text message on my cheapy phone.

Despite Ray always scooping me about everything (and he doesn't even attend St. Agnes!), I am going to do a quick post about St. Agnes having its first TLM next Sunday. Well, its first TLM since the changes of Vatican II came along.

Next Sunday, November 30 at 10am, is when the TLM will replace the Latin NO.

As beautiful as this Mass is, as much as I'm drawn to it, I am still a product of Vatican II and am comfortable with (prefer even) the NO...at least while my kids are so young.

I don't think the NO is an abomination. It's not the work of the devil (another blogger and I had this conversation and she said if she wasn't able to attend the TLM she would not go to Mass). The abuses of the Mass are the problem and I think we've all seen some of those. However, I'm still planning to attend the very reverential 8:30am NO next weekend.

Hopefully, I'll get around to attending the TLM some weekend soon. Check out Ray's blog for more on the TLM at St. Agnes. (Although I bet Ray didn't know that a painting of several generations of women praying in a Austrian church, the interior of which looks a great deal like St. Agnes, was donated to St. Agnes and is hanging near the altar on the West wall before the stations of the cross.)


Chris said...

Ok, for us novice Catholics, what the heck does TLM stand for? Come to think of it, I'm not even sure what NO stands for. I'm guessing you're talking about the traditional pre-Vatican II mass vs. the newer form of mass?

swissmiss said...

Sorry Chris!!!
TLM - Traditional Latin Mass
NO - Novus Ordo
And I thought I was being all hip (although I don't think kids today use the word "hip") in using text message shorthand! The TLM is considered pre-Vat II and the NO is a TLM "replacement."

St. Agnes currently has a NO that is said in Latin at their 10am Mass. Very beautiful with the Catholic Chorale and orchestra (am sure you'd appreciate it). The other Masses are the NO said in the vernacular, which happens to be plain ol' English at our parish. Now, St. Agnes is replacing the 10am Latin NO with the TLM. Much anticipated and a blessing now that Pope Benedict has granted its wide use in parishes.

We should have girls day at St. Agnes for the TLM...am sure you'd love it and as a convert from a rich music background, you might want to check out the music schedule on St. Agnes' blog.

Chris said...

We should definitely do that! What a treat that would be!

Chris said...

Swissmiss- not sure if you mis-typed or weren't aware, but the TLM is not replacing their 10AM Novus Ordo, it will be on alternating weeks. So there will still be plenty of Novus Ordo Latin! :D We'll just have to look at the calendar to know which form it will be on a given Sunday.

I do love the NO Latin @ St Agnes (I have only been going there since March) but it was the TLM (locally) that drew me toward a more "traditional" understanding of the liturgy, which eventually drew me to St Agnes. I will happily make my weekly "pilgrimage" for either one and I hope the new system will be well-received!

And we still haven't met up yet, have we! CathyofAlex invited me to the wine bar (I think that's what it was) but it was too late in the day for me to get there. Someday, though! :)

swissmiss said...

Thanks for the clarification. I didn't pay too much attention to know that it was alternating weeks. Just keeping us on our toes, I guess, by alternating weeks!

We should all try for the TLM one weekend and then brunch since you have such a drive that it's hard to make it at night during the week.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Hey, gals, I'm going to try and be there this Sunday at 10! The hitch is that my Dad will be town and it depends if I can persuade him to go back to the Mass of his youth! I think he'll be open to it. I'll try anyway. Ray will be there. I'm trying to recruit Adoro.

If it can't work out this weekend,perhaps another Sunday in Advent would work? The Church is lovely during the Advent season-as Swissy and Chris are aware.

Ray from MN said...

Ray did not know about the "painting of several generations of women praying in a Austrian church, the interior of which looks a great deal like St. Agnes, was donated to St. Agnes and is hanging near the altar on the West wall before the stations of the cross."

And Ray spent over half of his military service time in a small town in Upper Bavaria, about thirty miles from the Austrian border.

Even though he wasn't practicing his faith at the time out of laziness, he did fall in love with the baroque/rococo style found in the small churches in that area.

Having forgotten about the TLM Mass starting on the First Sunday of Advent, the first day of the Church's liturgical year, I used up half of my two annual visit quota to St. Agnes three weeks ago for a Hayden Mass.

But I'll be there this weekend and will do some gazing at the West Wall to see to what you refer.

That's quite close to where I normally sit, knowing that there are missing heaters in the pews in that region and so my clodhoppers won't be cramped to the point of pain and I will be able to concentrate on the Mass, using my 1962 Missal (which hasn't seen much use).

mum6kids said...

One of these days I would like to attend a TLM because I don't remember ever having done so. But there's a bit of me that is reluctant because of the very attitude to those of us who attend and love the NO.
The NO at our church is reverent and Christ is there on the altar. It isn't 100% abuse free but it is close.

Ray from MN said...

You are blessed, momof6kids, if you have a fine Novus Ordo Mass every Sunday.

I was raised on the old Latin Mass, but I don't miss it except when I can't find a reverent N.O. Mass. Then I trot over to St. Agnes or St. Augustine's to meet my Sunday obligation.