12 November 2008

No droids allowed

It's ladies night this evening at Mos Eisley. Vincenzo wanted a picture...here's one from the last outing that Cathy took.

Maybe I'll order a drink this time because the Coke they served was from Mexico and it was made from cane sugar...strange tasting. Kind of like importing Guinness to Ireland or Stoli to Russia. Nonsensical.

[Yes, I know what V will do with this picture, but at least it isn't the one of dogs sitting around a table playing poker.]


Lisa said...

I hear Kool and the Gang...oh yes it's Ladies Night!!

See ya there. :)

Cathy_of_Alex said...

When I see candid photos like this, I'm so happy I spent all that time on my hair and makeup for the actual photos, Swissy! *meow*

That band was beginning to annoy me. Food was good, company was great!

Vincenzo said...

LOL! Hope you all had a great time!

Ray from MN said...

Wow! The Gang at the Argument of the Month Club bashes have a lot more laughs than those at your get-togethers.

I'll have to take some photos at our January session (our next meet)