12 June 2010

Close enough

Even though it's the Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, I finally got back my retouched icon, Our Lady of Mount Carmel. It's beautiful and I'm happy to have it home after a long absence.

It's a completely rainy and over-cast day, plus I have a dark Craftsman-style home with no bright lights, so the photo is very poor. The icon is quite large, about 24" x 19", and is a very generous gift from a priest friend.

It really has brightened up this gloomy day!

(Update: Photo has been enhanced by the wizard, Vincenzo.)


Vincenzo said...

I love it!

Vincenzo said...

I edited the shadows and highlights which brightened it and brought out more detail:


swissmiss said...

Thanks V!

Vincenzo said...

Welcome. I want an icon like this.

Terry Nelson said...

Vincenzo looks like my brother! He's really decent, Donchya know.

I think I know who gave you this but it doesn't look like Br. C's work - it is a beautiful icon. You are very blessed.

BTW - thanks for the science blog.

swissmiss said...

You and Vincenzo are handsome devils.

The icon is not Br. C's work. I believe it pre-dates him. I don't think I ever met the brother, Brother J., that painted it.

Hope you find the science blog interesting.