17 December 2007

I survived the office Christmas party...

only to get home and find I've been tagged for this meme!

Saturday night we attended hubby's Christmas party. I never liked these things even when they were my own company's Christmas party. There were ten of us at a table which consisted of a program manager and a bunch of software weenies (that's a term of endearment). One guy was the controls manager and the other was the software manager...a distinction I don't really get since their jobs overlap so much...but then hubby reminds me what he does is very, very involved so they need two groups. Ho hum. Seems the controls engineers spec things out and are responsible for the hardware, while the software guys, well, are responsible for the software...giving life to the hardware.

They were talking about one of their cabinets that was in a nuclear facility that caught fire and they just let it burn and I remarked that it was odd they didn't have fire suppression in the cabinet. Hubby reminded me that it wasn't a chemical cabinet (like some those I've worked with, specifically nitric acid cabinets), it was just electrical. Um, yeah, and a fire in a nuclear facility isn't any less disturbing! And now that I think about it, if the cabinet was on fire, why didn't the room's fire suppression turn on? They do have room fire suppression, don't they?

The things you talk about at Christmas parties.

And, management made a point of blowing smoke about how wonderful everything and everyone is. Why can't they just let folks alone on this one day of the year to eat, drink and be merry without interjecting themselves into it? Ah, I'm starting to sound a bit cranky.

Which is a good segue into the meme.

Dear, sweet, and sometimes cranky, Cathy of Alex tagged me with this meme. It's requires a bit of work and, for me, it's a little challenging since I don't have the wealth of stellar posts that some do (check out Cathy's for some great posts). I'm supposed to pick my top ten favorite posts. It never said they had to be insightful...

So, here is my list in no particular order:

1. Buridan's ass
2. What's in a name? (The National Catholic Register even liked this one)
3. Admonish the sinner
4. Brother's keeper (The house is STILL empty)
5. Door-to-door evangelization
6. From Moses to Vatican II experiences with the Charismatic Renewal
7. I didn't sign up for this Mommy saga
8. Pig Personality Profile just some fun
9. Gospel of St. Matthew Bible Study notes there are now 12 lessons posted
10. Encounters at that farpoint of the continuum just cuz I find this topic interesting

I tag anyone who clicked on any of these links.


gemoftheocean said...

Oh, way cool. I really liked that "pig post" too. That was one of the most fun quiz things I did all year. So irresistible! I'll have a think on my favs. and post them tonight.

[I loved all your detailed class notes too -- REALLY -- .]

Cathy_of_Alex said...

swissmiss: Good stuff. There are some here that I had missed previously that I now enjoyed reading. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is your pig personality profile--go figure.

Vincenzo said...

"My favorite is your pig personality profile--go figure."

That one was fun.

"There are some here that I had missed previously that I now enjoyed reading."

I had missed some as well. Thanks for tagging her Cathy. Swissmiss, you are a superb writer! I love your blog.

swissmiss said...

Who woulda thunk that the pig post would've been the best post on my blog?!!

Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Vincenzo, you are too kind!