08 July 2009

Looks like work

I'm the grand-daughter of a horse trader. Haggling is in my blood.

Back during the depression, my grandfather, a farmer, would buy young, unbroken horses and train them so he could sell the horse and make a small profit. He worked hard and did this to save his farm from foreclosure by paying the interest (boot) and to put food on the table. The family was relatively fortunate, many neighboring farmers lost their farms during this period.

Then there is my aunt. Taking the lessons she learned from her father, she carved out a good career for herself and became very successful. She is a fierce haggler who loves garage sales.

And she passed that on to me.

I can't say I'm any where near the bargain shopper that my aunt is, but I have gotten a few great deals at garage sales. Since my aunt hasn't been going to sales with me lately, I don't feel the pressure to haggle to remain in her good graces. As a result, I haven't haggled over anything in ages.

At one garage sale a few weeks ago I found several good Catholic books for about ten cents each. Some of the items were the Child's Bible History by Knect (Tan Books), Kindergarten Catechism for Young Adults (Seton), The Illustrated Catechism (Redemptorist), along with some other Catholic items for homeschooling.

At another garage sale, I picked up a 1942 Manual of Catholic Devotions in perfect shape. Nice and crisp, with a black leather cover and gold embossing. It is beautiful and has the prayers of the Mass, Vespers, the Asperges (my favorite), the Way of the Cross, and many devotions. It was only a quarter and is ideal for my son since I'm afraid to let him get his hands on the nice missal I bought him when he was born.

And, at a sale by our cabin, I got a nice LARGE wooden shrine for $5. However, this is one of those things my aunt would look at and declare, "Looks like work" when it seems like a good deal but isn't something that is "good to go," an item not requiring something like hemming, painting or moving of furniture.

The shrine is wonderful and in good condition. The only problem is I don't have an outdoor statue large enough for it! Standing in it, my St. Francis looks very lonely.

Wonder when the budget will allow for the purchase of a nice Madonna?

Or I'm able to find one at a garage sale.

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Vincenzo said...

"Wonder when the budget will allow for the purchase of a nice Madonna?"

I wish that I could afford one too.
Some day!