08 July 2009

Machiavellian understanding of the beatitudes

An interesting conversation was relayed to me. I don't usually discuss politics very much because either I'm among a group of people who vehemently disagree with me or other who are very like-minded. It's seems a waste of time and energy to talk to either camp about politics because both, for good or bad, appear stuck in their positions.

But, there are things that just make you shake your head.

As the story goes, this mom of grown children was giddy at the possibility of universal health care becoming a reality. She was angry, even hostile, that her son hasn't had health insurance since he was in college. The semester he spent at college was a good ten to fifteen years ago.

This son has a home, a big truck, his own business, a motorcycle, an RV, and takes trips camping, trips out west to snow mobile, etc.

Obviously, he could afford health insurance if he wanted to.

But, his mom is all mad at the system because he's not just automatically covered by some government program. Well, if we have universal health insurance, he's going to be paying a lot more than the nothing he's currently paying.

Careful what you wish and vote for.

Along those lines, the lady who is renting my aunt's place is a month behind in her rent. Ir's a nice place, kind of upscale, rent isn't cheap. The woman knew this going in and signed a contract obligating herself for 12 months. The lady hasn't lost her job, she just found a boyfriend who she is spending all her time with. They recently took a trip together.

A few weeks ago some paper work showed up on my aunt's doorstep. It was to verify the rent and other information because this lady was asking the Salvation Army to spot her a month's rent.

Meanwhile, she's oblivious to others in line who've lost a job, can't afford food, can't put gas in their car...

It's amazing that not that long ago, my parents came through the depression and my father fought in WWII -- they were among Brokaw's "Grestest Generation." What happened to the notions that permeated the country of being self-reliant, God-fearing, perseverent, and proud of a job well-done? Not to mention, helping your neighbor in any way you could. Today, regardless of circumstance, everyone has their hand out.

We are all poor in spirit.

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Anonymous said...

we have universal health care just as that mother would like for her son-who apparently doesn't need it.
It's great tell her. I recommend it for a son like hers-who isn't ill.
However, once more than a third of his wages have gone to health care (and stuff) he wont be finding his holidays quite so easy to finance; and then of course if he gets ill he will have to wait in line and if he is really ill and needs treatment he'll have to find the money to go private.
That's how it works here.
Good luck to all those your side of the pond who want the same!

I really believe the answer to a lot of the problems we all face is simply sharing what we have. Being a bit grateful now and then.
God bless