16 July 2009

Party time

Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. I think my son keyed in the word "feast," because he actually asked to go to Mass today. His sweet little head was probably filled last night with dreams of a sumptuous buffet table covered with decadent desserts.

Sorry to disappoint. I hope stopping at the gas station for a slushy smooths things over.

We didn't do the novena to Our Lady of Mount Carmel since we had several others going already. Kind of felt like I was letting down Our Lady until a friend mentioned the Total Consecration to Mary.

We've already had our family consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, but that only entailed a few prayers. The Total Consecration is 33 days and has prayers, gospel readings and readings from the Imitation of Christ right now. It starts to pick up speed as it goes along and adds more prayers, litanies and a rosary.

You can go here to get a free packet sent to you in the mail. Or visit Fisheaters for information on St. Louis de Marie Montfort's Total Consecration, and the requisite prayers.

Really liked the meditation from The Imitation of Christ for Day 1 (Chapter 13, 1-4).

Of resisting temptation

1. So long as we live in the world, we cannot be without trouble and trial. Wherefore it is written in Job, The life of man upon the earth is a trial. And therefore ought each of us to give heed concerning trials and temptations, and watch unto prayer, lest the devil find occasion to deceive; for he never sleepeth, but goeth about seeking whom he may devour. No man is so perfect in holiness that he hath never temptations, nor can we ever be wholly free from them.

2. Yet, notwithstanding, temptations turn greatly unto our profit, even though they be great and hard to bear; for through them we are humbled, purified, instructed. All Saints have passed through much tribulation and temptation, and have profited thereby. And they who endured not temptation became reprobate and fell away. There is no position so sacred, no place so secret, that it is without temptations and adversities.

3. There is no man wholly free from temptations so long as he liveth, because we have the root of temptation within ourselves, in that we are born in concupiscence. One temptation or sorrow passeth, and another cometh; and always we shall have somewhat to suffer, for we have fallen from perfect happiness. Many who seek to fly from temptations fall yet more deeply into them. By flight alone we cannot overcome, but by endurance and true humility we are made stronger than all our enemies.

4. He who only resisteth outwardly and pulleth not up by the root, shall profit little; nay, rather temptations will return to him the more quickly, and will be the more terrible. Little by little, through patience and longsuffering, thou shalt conquer by the help of God, rather than by violence and thine own strength of will. In the midst of temptation often seek counsel; and deal not hardly with one who is tempted, but comfort and strengthen him as thou wouldest have done unto thyself.

Top Ten Reasons Why We Should Consecrate Our Lives To Jesus Through Mary
1. To emulate the sanctity of our previous Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, who selected the de Montfort Consecration (True Devotion) for his own Marian Spirituality

2. To provide the easiest, safest, fastest, most secure, and surest path to Jesus and to our own salvation

3. To obtain Our Lady's help in bringing us from our own unworthiness to the level of conversion, holiness, and perfection in our lives needed to enable us to become saintly

4. To turn our lives over completely and without reservation in service to Jesus through Mary to reflect our love and our trust in them now and for all eternity

5. To obtain special graces and protection under Our Lady's sheltering mantle

6. To help bring others to Jesus through Mary for their conversion, holiness, and perfection through this total consecration devotion

7. To hasten the day of the Triumph of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart and the day when Mary and Jesus will reign in all hearts

8. To fulfill Our Lady's request for individual consecration of our lives to her Immaculate Heart, as given to us through Sister Lucia during the Fatima apparitions

9. To become an effective counter-force to the legion of evil so prevalent in the world by offering up our prayers, sacrifices, and sufferings to Jesus through Mary

10. To renew our Baptismal promises and to evangelize the world to Jesus through Mary

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Chris said...

Monica, I am "feasting" today with you- I consider myself a Carmelite at heart! I did pray the novena, specifially for my parents- lots of stuff going on in the family right now.
I have also considered deMontfort's Total Consecration but I want to read his book on it first to make sure I am ready to make such a commitment.
I've been wearing the Scapular almost 6 months but I haven't been officially enrolled yet. Someday I'll get around to it!
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, ora pro nobis!