10 July 2009

Weekend Kneeler Jeopardy

Hopefully, these will test the depth and breadth of your knowledge. At least a few to keep you busy this weekend. Good luck and have a wonderful weekend.

Category: Literature

1. This English philosopher wrote an anti-Catholic tract called "Why I Am Not A Christian."

2. This Trappist monk wrote "The Seven Story Mountain."

3. In the Brothers Karamaov by Dostoevski, this brother was driven by a need for spiritual perfection.

4. This French author wrote, "Hell is other people."

St. Alex says, please place your answer in the form of a question in the combox, and say a few Hail Marys while you wait for the answer to be revealed. Demerits for using Google. Educated guesses are welcome and encouraged.


Ray from MN said...

Boy, Swissie, you are really getting tough with your questions. I saw that I was the first one to try but gulped hard when I read St. Alex's questions.

Jeepers. D'ya think I have time to read French, Russian, English and Mystic authors these days?

I would have gotten only one correct, I was close on the English question ("close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades and dancing!") and off by a couple of centuries on the French question. I used to read all the Russian novels (but I never could finish Crime and Punishment even though I tried several times), but all I could come up with for a Karamazov brother was "Wilbur Raskolnikov!"

swissmiss said...

I put out four questions because people were getting them too quickly!! I think you and I would've gotten the same one correct, #2.

And, Wilbur is incorrect. Sorry. At least you had a guess, I had no idea...for three of the four!

Ray from MN said...

One way to make the game more interesting would be to have a special email address [Swissie (at) hotmail {dot} com] that you could have us send our prizewinning entries directly to you.

It takes the fun out of the game if I set my alarm for 2:30 a.m. and get out of bed and find out that the correct, or an incorrect answer, has already been revealed in the comm box.

I subscribe to something called historybuff.com that has a monthly quiz where he gives away little cd/book prizes. And he is a stickler, like St. Alex. Even if you have the right answer, he disqualifies you if you have not followed the rules (not selecting the correct prize, etc.).

I'm forwarding his most recent contest to you. Like you, he is a stickler for format and if you don't enter EXACTLY as he requires, he disqualifies you.

You can find it at www.historybuff.com

swissmiss said...

You set your alarm for 2:30am LOL!!

The big reason I have Jeopardy on the weekends is that we are at the cabin in the summer...without access to phone/cell phone or TV or internet. I can visit my PIL since they are close by and use their computer, but that isn't always possible. That's why you have to say a prayer and be patient...I'm answering as soon as possible!

Thanks for e-mailing me the newsletter. Had never heard the story of Tad Lincoln.

I'll have to think about a new format. Having another e-mail I need to check is not my favorite idea.

swissmiss said...

Alright, no one is even guessing this time, so the questions must be too hard. Will steer clear of the literature category from now on. Here are the answers.
1. Bertrand Russell
2. Thomas Merton
3. Alyosha
4. Jean Paul Sartre (No Exit)

dorsey said...

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