20 May 2010

Putting aside childish ways

Don't the things your kids do just tug at your heart? My son is riding his bike without training wheels. The big event should've happened last summer, but hubby didn't want to take the trainers off since my son was a bit apprehensive. This spring my son got on the bike and took off sans training wheels.

He also started reading. I mean really reading. He went from hating studying phonics each day to reading chapter books, all in a few short months. As a child, I never read books like that. He's reading all day...without me suggesting and certainly without me asking. Hoping this phase lasts longer than a week.

He's learning piano and has now asked to learn guitar. First he needs to practice the piano more than five minutes before each lesson.

It's amazing how we are wired to learn.

"I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like"
~ Queen, Bicycle Race


Vincenzo said...

Cool. I remember riding mine for the first time, how exhilarating it was. Don't think I would have enjoyed that 5' tall unicycle though.

Anonymous said...

Maria Montessori writes about " an explosion into reading." It is so cool when children put all the pieces together and read.

Glad your are back to blogging!

Katie B

swissmiss said...

V: It's a velocipede..has a small wheel in the back.

Katie: Since he's the oldest, this is all new stuff for me. I will say I'm glad the days of butting heads because of phonics is over!