23 August 2007

And another one's gone, another one bites the dust

Jane Fonda's talk show has been pulled. I never knew she had one. Guess she and Gloria Steinem created a feminist talk show...it didn't last. Do women really listen to these ladies anymore? To paraphrase Chesterton, didn't they do "radical feminism" and it was found to be lacking?

Didn't Al Franken go the way of the dinosaurs, too? I only hope he doesn't become our next senator. Wouldn't want to have to leave the country or anything!

From One News Now:

After failing to obtain listeners and garner long-term financing, GreenStone Media went silent as of last Friday. The liberal feminist network was on the air for less than a year.

The network founded by feminist icons Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem had attempted to provide what it called "de-politicized, de-polarized talk radio by women hosts for female listeners." But Carrie Lukas of the Independent Women's Forum says GreenStone Media, marketed as "talk the way women want," was a bad business plan.

"What has really fallen or has been disproven, with the end of GreenStone Media, is this idea that radical, leftist feminists like Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda speak for most women and know what women want," says Lukas. "That just isn't the case anymore, if it ever was. I just don't think that many women want to listen to this tired victim mentality that is really the perspective of Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem."

Lukas says when GreenStone Media was launched, the mainstream media boasted that women "would finally have a voice on the radio," but dismissed or failed to recognize that "powerful" conservative women such as Dr. Laura Schlesinger and Laura Ingraham were already succeeding on the airwaves.


gemoftheocean said...

What idiot gave Hanoi Jane a talk show in the first place? And Gloria. God. Did those two ever speak for anyone but themselves?

Where's Phylis Schlafly?

swissmiss said...

That would be Hanoi Lady Jayne Seymour Fonda Vadim Hayden Turner to you, missy.

I think their program was kind of self-funded/started, but couldn't get enough sponsors to continue. I hadn't even heard she had talk show until she no longer had a talk show. God is good.