19 August 2007

Proud mom moment

My son, who just turned four last weekend, knows the Guardian Angel prayer and the Hail Mary. Ok, he says the Hail Mary a bit wrong. Instead of saying, "The Lord is with Thee," he says, "The Lord is with ME." Which is awfully cute anyway.

Usually, my husband puts the kids to bed to have some daddy time with them and has my son recite his prayers before bed. Most of the time, my husband just has my son repeat lines from the prayers after him. But, because my husband went out of town last week, I put the kids to bed. Both my kids are very late walkers and talkers, so learning a whole prayer is a lot. I wasn't going to just have my son repeat the prayer after me, so told him to lead and I would repeat. Although he's VERY outgoing and social, he is shy about being on the spot. However, he did great and knew the Guardian Angel prayer perfectly and only had a few bobbles on the Hail Mary.

Genuflects and makes the sign of the cross in Church.

He's becoming quite precocious in many ways. Handsome, too. Wants to be an altar boy when he's "big enough."

That's all. Just had to share.


gemoftheocean said...

That is cute! Do they make coloring books of the Mass for very small children? Seems to me a while back in a Pauline Bookstore I was looking in the children's section for appropriate gifts/books at Christmas time for the younger servers we have at Mass, and I noted there were coloring books with religious themes. Do your little ones have anything like that?

swissmiss said...

There are some wonderful kids things available. We had a "play date" last week (on the Assumption) and my friend had printed some Marian pages off the internet to color. I've seen coloring books for saints and other things. They might have them for the Mass, would bet they do. When he was little, I would play "Chant" to get him to sleep. A very rad-trad friend made a snarky comment about it turning him into a priest. I said, as long as he becomes a good priest, then what's the problem!

Entropy said...

That's precious! It's nice to be able to share some mommy-blog things!

Hidden One said...

Sweet! (In Protestant land, in which I grew up and live, I constantly hear stuff about 10-12 year olds not being mature/quiet enough to be in a service and sit still/be quiet... yet, consistently, in Catholic-land, true younglings get it right. Congratulations Swissmiss!)

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tara said...

I can just imagine him at age four genuflecting--cute!

swissmiss said...

Thanks everyone. My son does genuflect, but often times it's on both knees for like 30 seconds, plugging up the aisle!! Still cute, though.

:o) said...

that is wonderful! And sweet. He could teach some adults something.