28 August 2007

Stopped at the border

Over the weekend, on the way back from the cabin, we stopped in River Falls, WI, for a 50th wedding anniversary. I was shocked to see these signs for the University of Wisconsin - River Falls all over the street. My husband was glad they had these signs. He's Polish. Hubby thought he might be stopped at the city limits because he didn't have his passport on him.

River Falls is full of folks from the former country of Czechoslavakia. I'm not Czech, but am related by marriage to a good chunk of the town, so have always been allowed in even before the city opened its borders to all.

It was nice that River Falls accepted my husband. I would've had to wrangle the kids at the party all by myself otherwise.


Ray from MN said...

Does "inclusive" include bloggers? Some of are developing reputations?

swissmiss said...

I'm not sure all of us would be let in. I am only allowed in because of my kin. The rest might be on a case by case basis.