17 August 2007

Do you do business with these companies?

I recently stumbled across Life Decisions International's website. I hadn't heard of them before. A bit about them from their webpage:

Incorporated in 1992, Life Decisions International (LDI) is dedicated to challenging the Culture of Death. LDI concen-trates on exposing and opposing the agenda of Planned Parenthood, the world's primary advocate of legal abortion.

LDI has a list of companies that support abortion. Below is a clip of some of them...however, you have to purchase the entire list. IMHO, something's wrong with that. Reading the reasons they give for having people purchase the list is that sending the list to people costs a lot of money. Well, place it on your webpage. If people want a hard copy, charge them a nominal fee if you must, but to seek a donation for the list defeats the purpose and hampers the cause. The cheapest version of the list costs $19.95, another $41.95. Makes no sense.

Join The Boycott

Help fight Planned Parenthood by refusing to do business with corporations that fund their deadly agenda. Did you know that the following corporations are boycott targets?

Basics Office Products, Whole Foods Market, JPMorgan Chase (including Chase Bank, & Bank One), Johnson & Johnson, Bank of America, Lost Arrow (Patagonia), Wells Fargo, CCA Global (Carpet One, Flooring America, Flooring Canada, Flooring One, Lighting One, etc.), Comcast (cable television, Internet, etc.), Chevron (including Caltex, Xpress Lube, & Texaco), eBay (including PayPal), OSI Restaurant Partners (Outback Steakhouse, etc.), Marriott (including Courtyard Hotels, Fairfield Inn, Renaissance Hotels & Inns, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, etc.), Valero (Beacon, Ultramar, etc.), Sears (Kmart), Sonic (drive-in restaurants), Wawa (convenience stores), Time Warner (HBO, Cinemax, AOL, etc.), and Wachovia. And this is just a partial list!

To date, at least 154 corporations have ceased funding Planned Parenthood!, which has cost the abortion-committing Goliath more than $35 million! You may order a Boycott List by clicking on Order Materials. The Boycott List includes the name, address, phone number, website address, products, subsidiaries, services, and chief executive officer for every boycott targets. (Click on Order Materials and please read the sections entitled Placing An Order and Your Privacy. If you wonder why we seek a donation for The Boycott List, please read Why Isn't The Boycott List Freely Available? and CFP Copyright Details.)

They also have an online list of celebrities that support Planned Parenthood. It is so long that I think a list of celebrities that DON'T support PP would be better.


:o) said...

Locally, the twins used to (don't know if they still do) and the bibelot shop does. I had to stop shopping there which was sad for me as I really like their stuff.

Angela Messenger said...

Surprised me to read that Johnson and Johnson supports PP. I mean - for crying out loud - they make baby products! You'd think they would want to have more babies in the world so they could sell more product.

Terry Nelson said...

Good information - thanks!

swissmiss said...

The one thing being a stay-at-home mom does is cut into your conspicuous spending, so I haven't been in Bibelot for years now. Still, there are MANY companies that support PP for the goofiest of reasons all the way to the worst reasons, hard to wade through all of this and still feed and clothe your family.

Welcome to my blog! J&J is kind of a surprise, but the PP says it's there to help families...gag.

Can I borrow $19.95?