21 August 2007

A meme

Angela Messenger had this on her blog and tagged everyone on her side bar. Since the tone of my prior post was a wee bit too serious, thought I would lighten it up a bit.

ONE word answers, NO explanations!

1. Yourself: trying
2. Your spouse: wonderful
3. Your hair: greyish-brownish (how and when did this happen?)
4. Your mother: saintly (deceased)
5. Your father: idolized (deceased)
6. Your favorite item: sentimental
7. Your dream last night: out-of-no-where
8. Your favorite drink: Coke
9. Your dream car: Red Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce or Mercedes
10. The room you are in: bedroom-bathroom-playroom (upstairs is a completely open floor plan)
11. Your ex: history
12. Your fear: Purgatory (or worse!)
13. What you want to be in 10 years: progressing
14. Who you hung out with last night: family
15. What you're not: patient or humble
16. Muffins: cinnamon or lemon poppyseed or double chocolate
17: One of your wish list items: Imitation of Christ
18: Time: short
19. The last thing you did: picked up a unrolled roll of toilet paper that my daughter got all over the floor
20. What you are wearing: sweatshirt and shorts
21. Your favorite weather: Spring
22. Your favorite book: Dickens
23. The last thing you ate: doughnut
24. Your life: transitioning
25. Your mood: optimistic
26. Your best friend: Hmmmm?
27. What you're thinking about right now: weekend
28. Your car: Civic
29. What you are doing at the moment: pondering
30. Your summer: short
31. Your relationship status: blessed
32. What is on your TV: Arthur
33. What is the weather like: rainy
34. When was the last time you laughed: when I picked up the toilet paper


Angela Messenger said...

It is very hard only answering in one word, isn't it?!

swissmiss said...

One word is just not enough. I had to break the rules a few times and even when I did use only one word, it seemed insufficient!

Entropy said...

Ok, I gotta know! Why did you laugh when you picked up the toilet paper?

swissmiss said...

It was all clean and everything, but my daughter looked so innocent, like she was sitting in a field of daisies instead of surrounded by heaps of toilet paper. It was one of those moments when your kid has done something wrong, but the look on their face makes anything but laughter impossible!

And your story about your son taking off his diaper in his crib, I think you jinxed me!! My daughter has now done it twice, but the diaper was just wet and the crib was unscathed! Knock on wood!

swissmiss said...

Oh, entropy, I forgot to mention that the last comment (#34) on toilet paper had to do with #19, what I had just done and that was pick up the toilet paper my daughter got all over. If you don't take the two together it sounds very disgusting or something!

Entropy said...

I'm so sorry! I don't want to jinx anyone with that!

LOL! at what you could have meant by #34!