22 August 2007

Did you ever notice?

My blog is just a small, happy, little blog, nothing like Rosie O'Donnell's or other popular blogs. However, it seems every time I do a post with a name in it, I get visited by people who wouldn't normally stop by.

What I mean is this. I did a post awhile back on Amnesty Intl's new position supporting abortion and the Vatican's denouncement. As soon as my post was published, my site meter registered visits from AI's office. Seems these folks have nothing better to do than scour the internet to find stories talking about their organization.

The same has happened on two different occasions with Disney (hi, Mickey!), Outback Steakhouse, J&J, Congressman Keith Ellison, etc. Do these folks hire techy types whose job it is to find everything ever said about their companies or themselves? Why the paranoia?

I think many of us have run our names through Google, but we don't do it everyday, or several times a day. At least I don't think so...maybe some local bloggers might.

If these companies really want to find out what we think of them, why don't they just ask instead of lurking around little ol' Catholic blogs, acting like a bunch of Peeping Toms!

The government probably has visited, but at least they have the sense to not leave a trail.


Hidden One said...

Eh, start running names like MOSSAD, the CIA, Shin Bet, KGB (better yet, not the acronym format for these) etc in yuor posts and you'll get government types. *sigh...

swissmiss said...

I just want to live in peace and not tickle the dragon's tail!!

Terry Nelson said...

I got hits from Mormons after my post on Mitt Romney, and one hit from a site with Romney's name in it. On my counter I have Vatican hits - which go up one everytime I mention Monsignor Ganswein, the Pope's secretary - which is basically why I post about him - I want people to think the Pope reads me. LOL!

swissmiss said...

Monsignor Ganswein reminds me of Michael Vartan that was on Alias. I never watched on episode of Alias, but think they look a lot alike. Maybe I'll do a post and mention him just so I can have the right kind of folks visit ;}