29 August 2007

Oh what a beautiful morning...

Today we are going to the Fair!!!

It's supposed to be a nice day without a bunch of rain and not too hot!

This year I won't be looking in the Creative Arts building for any of my entries. I knew when to cut my losses since I never won. But, then again, I always entered Irish Soda bread in the Ethnic Bread category. Maybe if I tried a German sweet bread I'd do better. There's always next year. I also used to enter my green salsa in the salsa contest, but the winners were always your normal ol' red salsas. Except some of the people would roast their peppers and tomatoes and go all out to win. That's way too much work for me!

Can't wait to get some mini-doughnuts!



tara said...

Have fun! I roasted some peppers once--they were pretty tasty, but you had to wear gloves so the peppers would not irritate your skin--way too much work.

What I like about the fair is just hanging out, eating "fair food" and buying gadgets that you take home and never use again--LOL.

gemoftheocean said...

C'mon, now.... next year enter some German Sweet Bread- that's the ticket. I think Irish Soda Bread is one of those ethnic jokes like lutkefish or haggis. :-D

Funny you should mention re: salsa. I have seen green salsas win. Enter yours in Sacramento!