14 September 2007

About town this weekend

This weekend is the Nativity County Fair. Bishop-elect Christensen is being ordained TODAY and will celebrate his last (open-air) Mass with the parish on Sunday. We have always gone to the fair in the past, but this year they needed to move the fair to what used to be St. Gregory's, now Nova Classical Academy, because the church is undergoing a pretty extensive addition. Not close enough to walk this year and they aren't having any fair activities Friday night.

Last year my son managed to get himself lost. OK, we considered him lost, but he knew full well where he was. The little whipper snapper really wanted to go in the inflated bouncy castle-thing and once mom and dad weren't looking, that's where he went. This year, we probably won't attend, not because we fear a repeat of last year, but because we just might attend a UST (University of St. Thomas) football game.

I have some coupons for free admission, free popcorn and pop, so that is a strong motivator for this family!!! I haven't been to a Tommie football game in, well, at least 20 years. Oh my goodness! I can't believe I can even say 10 years, much less 20. My son and husband want to go, so we may bundle up the kiddies and take them.

Oh, and if Relevant Radio doesn't cease and desist with their incessant and IRRITATING promotion of Johnny football, I might stop supporting them altogether!! Support the home team, guys, you're a Twin City affiliate. I doubt any radio station in Collegeville is promoting Tommie football. Goodness!

From the Tommie Sports website:

--GAME 3: St. Thomas (0-2) makes its home-field debut Saturday and starts its MIAC season when it plays host to the Golden Gusties of Gustavus Adolphus College (1-0). Kickoff is 1 p.m. on Palmer Field in O'Shaughnessy Stadium... It's also Neighborhood Day and locals can take advantage of some food and admissions discounts with an ad in this week's Highland Villager... The Tommies' 1956 MIAC champion football team will be honored at halftime... St. Thomas has lost three games in a row dating back to last season, while Gustavus has won five in a row since October 2006.

--LISTEN: The game will be webcast by St. Thomas through its new partnership with Minnesota Sports Broadcasting Network (MSBN) and can be heard via your computer through the following link on Saturday: www.mnsportsnetwork.com


gemoftheocean said...

This is a decision?! What's to think about? GO!!!! Have a beer and bratwurst for me too. [Can't believe this requires dithering on your part!]

[my favorite college team is Penn State]

swissmiss said...

I should've mentioned that the weather is going to be very, very cool, if not down right cold. So, that's the only consideration that is causing some dithering.

gemoftheocean said...

So, you Minnesotans are supposed to have ice water running through your veins. Take a thermos of hot chocolate and a blanket - dust the snow off the seats and suck it up!

swissmiss said...

I spent 10 years in Seattle and have thawed out too much to really handle the cold ;}
It was more the kids I was worried about, but the weather held out whereas the team didn't. We left at half-time and the score was 0-14.