15 September 2007

Who are the people in your neighborhood

I spent a good amount of time last night trying to get a You Tube video on my blog. It seems I'm doing things correctly, but my slow dial-up, and possibly my accelerator, are causing some problems getting the video to appear on my blog. I think I place "embed" code on my clipboard and then click on the "add video" icon on my blog creator/editor, paste in the embedded code and things should go swimmingly. But, my computer just spins. If anyone has any insight on how to place video on my blog, please leave it in the combox.

So, since I couldn't get the video I wanted, here are some bumper stickers I saw last night (we went to the Mall of America for dinner because we hadn't been there in ages). Some of the bumper stickers are offensive and you wonder just what possesses people to go to the trouble of putting these things on their car.

Not just arrogent and in poor taste, but poor grammar.

They also had one that said "I'm pagan and I vote."

No comment

And, one I just found on the internet that I thought was cute...for all my science geeky friends.


gemoftheocean said...

I've got dialup too.

Here's what you do - upload the video to youtube. (I try and keep the video to two minutes or less, unless I have time) count on 3 minutes of time for each megabyte.

Then grab your embed code (you might even want to copy that to a wordpad file and save as a separate file for future reference.

When you're useing the blog software, I DON'T use their video icon -- it's "spinning" because it's trying to upload the sucker from your hard drive - and presumably you've already uploaded independently to youtube.

Instead, flip over to "Edit html"
Insert your cursor to the spot you want to put the video in and paste there. Voila.

swissmiss said...

Thanks for the help. Last night I did what you mention above, but when I previewed the post (50 thousand times) there was nothing there. Then I tried the video insert button and then things just spun forever. Tried things again this afternoon and still had some problems with the video showing up, but finally got it to work...I think :)

Hidden One said...

Well, your next post indicates you got it eventually, but as a veteran of Youtube blog posting, I'll hereby note that you don't even have to flip to the html screen to paste the code. But if you do and flip back, or go to edit the post later, you will have to view html, as the non-html view will only have blank space where there used to be html.