28 September 2007

St. Kate's - School of Health

Announcing the College of St. Catherine School of Health

The School of Health establishes a cohesive home for the College’s array of healthcare programs and extends their scope and depth. Building upon our exemplary record of innovation and market responsiveness, the School of Health engages regional and national partners to meet urgent health, healthcare and workforce challenges.

Why a new academic and community-based initiative?

Recognizing the growing weight of unmet healthcare needs in American society, leaders at the College of St. Catherine believe they have a moral imperative and unique preparation and perspective to reshape the education of healthcare professionals.

The College has 120 years of experience in healthcare education: grounded in the liberal arts, Catholic social teaching and the 150-year tradition in healthcare of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

Our approach to healthcare education (interdisciplinary, relationship centered and community based) embraces emerging concepts of healthcare delivery.
With more than 40 percent of our 5,200 students studying in health-related fields, the College is a premier healthcare workforce provider in the Upper Midwest.

In following the tradition of my family, I will NOT be sending my daughter here. My mom graduated from St. Kate's in the 1950s and refused to let me attend here. No discussion, end of story. A sad commentary on a once great order (Sisters of St. Joseph) and college.


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Katie class of '93 here. Says it all about my dissident era. I don't blame you. I would not send my daughter there either (if I had one). My cousin is there now and I despair for her.

Adoro te Devote said...

My cousin graduated from there. She'd started out at St. Therese's in Winona, then when they closed, she moved to St. Cate's.

She did some great stuff when she was there..went to India for 3 1/2 months and the like, got her degree in nursing, all good things.

But I've come to see that theologically, she's messed up. Thank God she did maintain her pro-life stance and is now a homeschooling mother, and she married a great guy. But he works as a Youth Minister at a college, with some non-habited New Age Dominican sisters, and at a family wedding, which happened to be Lutheran, ENCOURAGED the entire family to recieve communion!

My Mom tried to speak up but was shushed. And you have no idea what it cost her to spea up. But because the cousin went to St. Cate's and because her husband is allegedly an authority, well, let's just say they have more credibility than the living Saint in their midst.

* sigh *

St. Cate's is going to have a lot to answer for at judgment.

Then again, so will I, but that's a different story..

swissmiss said...

My best friend went to St. Kate's, too, and lived in the dorms and the apartments. In the time I spent visiting her, I met more lesbians and women into the occult than I have ever met in all my time away from the college. There is a large but shrinking group of ladies that attended St. Kate's back in the 50's and they really downplay all this. However, most of these ladies are so far to the left that their connections to anything Catholic are in name only. They openly champion liberal (anti-Catholic) causes and criticize priests and the pope. No wonder my mom didn't socialize with them after college (oddly, I do have contact with these ladies now that my mom has passed away for other reasons).

Sanctus Belle said...

Uh yeah, I'm a 1990 alum of St. Kates. I agree with everything you've said. I had the misfortune to attend a "retreat" there in the "convent" (they actually all live in apartments) and it was a wicca-like dissent fest. They showed us a film on goddess worship that talked about the "evil" male heirarchy of the Church. I snuck out and found the tabernacle in Our Lady of Victory chapel and prayed for my poor alma mater. I'm sure St. Joseph complains to Jesus regularly about this wayward order!

We need a strong bishop to get them the heck out! Or at least strip them of their "Catholic heritage" as they call it. I'm so sad for this beautiful school! The only thing Catholic left is the architecture!

:o) said...

I'm a grad of St.Kate's too. My dad was quite worried when I said I was going there since it is a hotbed of dissent and wicca. It does not deserve the name "catholic college".