21 September 2007

All I can muster

The month of September has been extraordinarily busy. I don't know why I thought it would be a slower-paced month and that we would ease into fall.

For those of you keeping tabs, my husband talked to his mother again last night about our weekend plans (yes, we are going up to the cabin and I won't be back until MONDAY) and I asked him to see if she had had a chance to look again for the relics. Oh, she thinks Aunt has them. I had my husband call Aunt (because if I had gotten on the phone and made the calls, my temper might've gotten away from me), who said my MIL had them. Hubby said that his mom said that Aunt had them. Oh, she'll look again. She'll ask her son if he knows where they may be.

I'm angry. I'm angry that I'm getting the run around and that these folks either don't give a rat's tail about the relics or are deliberately being evasive about them. These people don't even know what they are, other than me telling them they are relics. It's one of three things: they honestly don't know where they are, they know where they are and are not about to let us have them, or they sold them. My new slogan is: WWSD? Which is, "What would the saints do?"

My genealogy interests are starting to heat up too. Recently, my cousin, the nun, was visiting and we got together to go over some genealogy. Now I have a bunch of stuff I need to send her and a handful of great photos she shared that I need to get copied. A distant, distant cousin on my mother's Swiss branch, who lives in Australia, is trying to solve some questions I had about the family initially being from Canton Graubunden or Canton Uri. This is way back in the 1500s. He just sent me a long e-mail with a bunch of questions, so will have to dig out my stuff and answer him. Then, I owe a cousin of my husband's a bunch of genealogy information and another cousin of hubby's a letter in response to his questions. Usually, I'm the one initiating contact with these people, trying to pick their brains for information. Now that I've been so busy and stepped back from actively researching things, everyone else is coming out of the wood work and asking questions. It just keeps pulling me back in!

Plus, I have to work on my bible study questions and get to the bottom of the points that Karen has brought up.

So, once again, here's some frivolity for Friday.

From Tara, at Loved Sinner...Which composer are you?

You scored as J.S. Bach, You are dedicated and intelligent. People who know you don't understand how you get it all done, and you never give up on life.

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And, from Paramedic Girl at Salve Regina...How much is your blog worth? (I'm surprised it's worth more than a cup of coffee!)

My blog is worth $7,339.02.
How much is your blog worth?


Sanctus Belle said...

Alright! This is not good! I followed your link to "what is your blog worth?" and mine is worth nuthin! What's the deal?? Oh, ok...I must remember humility...

swissmiss said...

Your blog is worth a great deal. I recently referred a few folks to your blog, so there's proof of its value. Do a post or two about a controversial subject and your blog will get recognized by Technorati (source of the valuation) and the visibility you have with Technorati is what I believe the value is based on...which is basically unwanted attention from people who just want to argue with you.

And, as a consolation, your blog is of infinite value, so the site wasn't able to compute a number so high and defaulted to zero (computer glitch) :)

gemoftheocean said...

Sanctus! My blog is worth twice as much as yours. :-D

Brahms 85% Beethoven 60%

Re: the relics - I feel your pain. can you possibly literally draw them a picture? Maybe it's like Tom Canty in Prince and the Pauper with "The Great Seal" [OH!, the "NUTCRACKER" is what you're looking for....) FWIW, I don't think they're deliberately being a pain in the kiester about it. They're just.... protestants.

Genealogy: I've got files on a "dead" computer that I could really use to spare me the hassle of having to dig up the paperwork/notes I have around here.
I finally had downloaded the free software from familysearch.org (for once a dingy off-the-wall religious belief turns out to be of some value, quite beyond what they intended) and am re-entering it in.

Fortunate, in a way, is that with my father's side I hadn't done a lot of work entering a ton of sibling's info - I have, of course, figured out that this can help you piece things together, especially the more generations you go back....you go 6,7,8 ot more generations back, and of course more than one decendant will turn out to be interested in this stuff too. what's annoying is that there was one bit of info I had at my end of it...which matched up what a child that someone else had never matched up. I.e. Birth christening dates "right" and an abreviated name on his end, and the full name on my end of the info...now just to ...find it all... then annoyingly I did have a lot of dates/sibling info on my mom's side - especially as I knew I wouldn't be able to get farther back than great-grandparents there. My mother's generation, being annoyingly indifferent to giving a hoot where "the 'rents came from" - some of the info I got directly from my grandmother before she died, but HER parents were both orphaned. Arrgg... eastern europe, which makes it harder than my german lines. Irritating, but doable.

As for my 1/8th british lines.... can you get mad at your 90+ year old grandmother for not asking HER grandmother "what part of England did you mom and dad come from?" Maddening.

I can GUESS ... but maybe to the county - given the family background of going into mining when they got to the US. I have a nasty feeling if I do find naturalization records - they'll say something generic like "England." (But maybe HIS exact birthdate will be there?) Annoyingly on the gravestone only year of birth given, not the day. When I am "empress" I will make a law that gravestones MUST have the full birth date and death date. (It will save descendants following through on the urge to kick stone.) Add to that names as common as dirt. "William Walker." (and Mary) Thanks for all that guys, and the bad tooth enamel I inherited.

All those generations and not one of them hooked up with a Zulu warrior's daughter ... then I'd have perfect teeth.

As regards: "two source things" one of the gospels has a real obvious example -- something along the lines of one of the apostles asking some pointed question like "What time is it?" and then 3 paragraphs later Jesus says "...all this hoo-ha and not ONE of you has asked me what time it was." You want to say "Uh, Jesus...X just asked you that exact question 3 paragraphs ago."

Irritatingly it's not coming to mind when I need it. I'll come up with it though if I stop thinking about it.

Have a good weekend, and don't swat anybody. Especially your MIL - you may need her to babysit. ;-D

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to buy, my blog's for sale, only $ 5080.86--LOL!