06 September 2007

Excellent website alert!! Be not afraid

While I was on my mini-vacation, a lady contacted me and asked if she could link to my post about my daughter Catherine who was cured of spina bifida. She has a website that deals with poor prenatal diagnoses and a variety of topics along those lines. The website is called Be Not Afraid. I cannot recommend it enough!

When I got back last night, I went to her site and found it to be a GREAT resource for Catholics, especially parents and expectant parents. Also, a great site for those who work with women contemplating abortion after learning of a poor prenatal diagnosis. Here is just a short paragraph from the website:

Who are we?
First launched online beginning in October of 2002, Benotafraid.net is a network of concerned parents, professionals, and laypersons who have experienced and/or worked closely with issues surrounding poor prenatal diagnoses. In presenting our stories and information relevant to various diagnoses, we intend to offer hope to parents who are asked to make life and death decisions about their unborn baby. This outreach is guided by the directives of the Catholic Church as they concern issues surrounding beginning and end of life. We prefer to offer resources and referrals to organizations that adhere to the healthcare directives of the Catholic Church when they are available. When these are not available, we strive for resources that provide medically accurate information with an overall life-affirming approach. Additionally, while many of our stories and essays reflect a Catholic Christian perspective, other essays and stories we feature are of interest to any parent grappling with a difficult prenatal diagnosis. Therefore, Catholic families and non-Catholic families alike can benefit from this outreach.

Go and check out the website!!! It is wonderful and quite uplifting.

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Monica said...

Ahhh, thank you! I thought Catherine's story would really offer parents that extra boost to continue to hope and pray for the best.