14 September 2007

"Um, because they don't have maps."

(FYI - I have removed the links to the quizzes because there is a problem with them pointing to some very questionable sites. Not what I want to do. I apologize for any confusion and cursing.)
I finally sat down and did this quiz as seen on Entropy's site, but then I saw the geography quiz and had to do that one too. Sorry Miss Teen America, some of us do have maps and know how to use them.

Just some frivolity for Friday.
The State Locator Challenge Test
Your Score: Geography Master
You scored 100% Accuracy!
All bow before the geography genius. Will you be our master? Will you lead us, all powerful geography master?

You definitely know your stuff. Colorado and Wyoming didn't get you confused, and you can find the North East states in your sleep. You were probably always wrecking the curve in school. Even if you cheated by using a map(NO, I didn't cheat, honest), this is still a decent score.

This state naming skill of yours will definitely get your far in life. There are myriads of times where it is important to know the shape of the states. Ok, I lied, it doesn't really matter. But it does show that you know your stuff. And knowing stuff is good

Now for the Sesame Street Character Quiz. Results are a wee bit disappointing.

Your Score: Bert

You scored 75% Organization, 50% abstract, and 62% extroverted!

This test measured 3 variables.

First, this test measured how organized you are. Some muppets like Cookie Monster make big messes, while others like Bert are quite anal about things being clean.

Second, this test measured if you prefer a concrete or an abstract viewpoint. For the purposes of this test, concrete people are considered to gravitate more to mathematical and logical approaches, whereas abstract people are more the dreamers and artistic type.

Third, this test measured if you are more of an introvert or an extrovert. By definition, an introvert concentrates more on herself and an extrovert focuses more on others. In this test an introvert was somebody that either tends to spend more time alone or thinks more about herself.

You are very organized, both concrete and abstract, and both introverted and extroverted.

Here is why are you Bert.

You are both very organized. You almost always know where your belongings are and you prefer things neat. You may even enjoy cleaning and find it therapeutic. Bert is a big neat freak and gets quite annoyed when Ernie makes a big mess.

You both are sometimes concrete and sometimes abstract thinkers. Bert is probably a bit more concrete in his bottlecap collecting addiction and his love of the weather. He does show his abstract side when he sings and performs his "Doin' The Pidgeon" song. You have a good balance in your life. You know when to be logical at times, but you also aren't afraid to explore your dreams and desires... within limits of course.

You are both somewhat introverted. Bert is probably more introverted, because he spends most of his time either with Ernie or alone. Still he has no problem being around other people in his role as chairman of "The National Association of 'W' Lovers." Like Bert, you probably like to have some time to yourself, but you do appreciate spending time with your friends, and you aren't scared of social situations.

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Entropy said...

Bert's cool! I envy your organization skills!

I missed seeing the geography quiz. I'll have to check that one.