17 October 2007

Food, glorious food!

Don't care what it looks like --

I am hoping to get started on my Christmas shopping. Years ago, I would've had it done already, but kids have a way of giving you other priorities.

I would really like to buy some of the Mystic Monk coffee. I just don't know who I would give it to. Most of the people on my list aren't huge coffee drinkers, or they have to drink decaf...which you can get from Mystic Monk. I hate coffee or I would just get some for myself. I do like the smell, just can't stand the taste.

My dad's family used to give each other fruit cakes, of all noxious things. My aunt (mom's side) actually makes them and has people begging for them. I don't like jello or jellied candies or chewy candy, so fruit cake is not for me. Way back when, I think my family used to order some fruit cakes from some Trappists in Oregon.

You can get other items from various monasteries. Some sell fudge, but I make my own fudge and give it as gifts. I used to always make boxes of goodies for everyone, but having two kids brought that to a dramatic halt.

Maybe music.

I'm asking for a CD of Mozart's Requiem this year. I haven't been a big classical music buff, but don't want my kids to be weaned on 80s music. Certainly not rap. Aside from not really considering rap to be music, it's all just angry stuff. I'd like to try to infuse a little culture into our lives, something beyond Dean Martin and the Coasters.

When my son was a newborn, I used to put him to sleep while listening to Chant. I had some rad trad friends who said I would turn him into a priest, like it was a bad thing. I said as long as he's a good priest, what's the problem! (At this stage however, I seriously doubt my son will be anything other than a pro wrestler.)

I know I will probably end up buying gift cards for several people. It's what they want, but it's so impersonal. Makes my life easy, but it just further diminishes things to a gift card swap.

Any suggetions?


Vincenzo said...

"Food, glorious food!"

Uh oh you woke up my tape worm! I used to like fruit cake (one brand, any way). I might get some Mystic Monk coffee. I had never heard of it before.

Ma Beck said...

I like poetry books - you know, the old standards like "Chicago Poems" by Carl Sandburg, Dorothy Parker, etc.
Those are fun gifts to get because when I get a book book, I feel like I have to hurry and read it before the person asks, "How did you like it?" but with poetry, not so. It's not meant to be read cover to cover.
For the Catholics on your list, "The Treasury of Catholic Wisdom" is a great book, and I HIGHLY recommend the fantastic prayer book "Father Hardon's Catholic Prayer Book with Meditations", published by Eternal Life, Bardstown KY.
I have NEVER given this to someone and not had them absolutely rave.
As a bonus, it's usually less than $15, softcover, and very light and portable.
Also, for "those who have everything", I usually donate to a cause dear to their heart.

swissmiss said...

The monks have a variety of coffees, made by Brother Java of all people! I would like to support these monks since my father used to know Father Daniel and I know they are having some financial hurdles to get over.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm already getting more into classical music just from visiting your blog. Will have to check out the books you mention since I usually give a lot of books as gifts. Maybe I will get Father Hardon's book for myself ;}

gemoftheocean said...

Maybe too late to start this year, but I know someone who loves quilting. She makes marvelous quilts, with designs and patterns specific to that person.

swissmiss said...

I love quilts. I made by MIL one years and years ago. It was the first quilt I made and it was HUGE. Blue themed log cabin pattern. Easy for a first attempt. In addition to making goodie baskets for everyone at Christmas, I used to do a lot of sewing and made stuff for everyone (this was back when Zoobas were cool and I made a bunch for my nephews and a camo outfit for my BIL who hunts a lot). I bought and serger and couldn't stop sewing for the longest time! Now I haven't even seen my sewing machine in years and just gave my MIL some fabric a few weeks ago and asked her if she could make two curtain panels for me for our cabin. With the kids, I wouldn't stand a chance with the sewing machine. More work than it's worth.

You're not the quilter, are you? Are the prices reasonable? I don't know if I could afford one now that we are strapped for cash.

tara said...

Coffee, and Benedictine chant--what a great gift idea--for me--I love coffee (not decaf) and chant. Too bad I'm not on your Christmas list. LOL My favorite gift to give is food--usually home baked but with everyone on diets perhaps a homemande seasoning mix--usualy, though we have a "Great Harvest" bakery and my friends are now getting a selection of breads and jams.

:o) said...

Donna Cori Gibson has a lovely musical rosary cd. We have given that as gifts. We also give masses. We plan to give the Pope's book on the Apostles for Christmas. I've also crocheted afghans for gifts. Last year I made a bunch of candies and gave them as gifts.
Hope that helps.

Terry Nelson said...

THE COASTERS?! How old are you? LOL!

FYI - Unless you buy direct from the manasteries - check on expiration dates in a certain local religious goods store...

uncle jim said...

I love the idea of filling the house with classical music ... the kids will grow up so intellectual you'll think back and wonder why you played all that music - but it really is a good thing. Chant is good - How about some women doing chant - every listen to Anonymous 4? A B S O L U T E L Y outstanding. But that's just my opinion.

swissmiss said...

I have given the rosary on tape/CD in the past. Just don't really have anyone on my list that would listen to it (hubby's family is all Protestant) or else I've already given one to the people that would use it. I like to give handmade candies and fudge, but hubby's family is either on a diet, diabetic or both :) All they want is gift cards. Ho hum.

If you ever come back to read this...
My father used to listen to the Coasters. I have fond memories of him in the bathroom shaving and singing old WWII era songs. He did a mean rendition of Strangers in the Night.

Does fruit cake actually expire? I thought it had a half-life longer than plutonium.

BTW: I think you missed a prior post where Vincenzo did his magic on a photo of you...and you.

Uncle Jim:
I hadn't heard of Anonymous 4. Will have to check them out!

Terry Nelson said...

We have sold old fruit cakes that were moldy when I was there - rancid nuts in August as well, and chocolate covered fruit cake that was as hard as rocks... That is what happens when you don't allow mark downs. Buy direct.

gemoftheocean said...

Nope, I'm not the quilter. My mom and all her sisters sewed really well. This was a gene that completely skipped me. 3 of my aunts worked in garment factories in Pa until they retired. And my mom retired when she got married, but sewed a lot of my school skirts and the like when I was young. I DID take 8th grade home ec. and got an A- on the A-line jumper I made and that was about it! HOWEVER, about 9 years back I was going through my theatre phase and did grab enough credits for an AA in acting and the tech side, The tech side did involve a bit of work in the costume shop. In stagecrafts we were put through about 4 weeks of learning the sewing basics - and the machines were much better than when I was 13! [duh news alert!) Did you know theatrical costumes are BUILT?! [I hadn't before] I pitched in in the costume shop here and there (I was more of an electrics/lighting person) with hems and some fairly basic stuff. I can now sew on a button so it sure as hell ain't coming off unless you atomically blast it off.
I did like a little bit of embroidery when I was much younger - cross stitch - but not much of that. A best friend in college and another friend of hers made me a wonderful quilt as a graduation present. Lovely embroidered squares that were personalized with my hobbies and interests, etc. Probably one of the neatest gifts I have ever received. My friend Kathy's mom is the quilter. Kathy does help her mom with the "scut" work of quilting. It's a mother daughter thing they do together. I'm about 10 years older than Kathy, and her mom is about 15 years older than me - so we're all friends. The mom (also named Karen) is very prolific and does wonderful work. Very creative.

I picked up a real liking for watercolor when doing stagecrafts, which I should do more often. There have been a few times where I made hand watercolored Christmas cards for relatives and close friends. I should do so again this year -- if I get off my duff in time!


Ray from MN said...

I ordered three packages of Mystic Monk coffee the other day. With three you get free S&H.

I suppose I should be getting delivery next week. I'll write a review for you.

I never heard of the Coasters.

swissmiss said...

Look forward to your review of the coffee.

The Coasters? You MUST have heard of them. Yakety Yak (Don't talk back), Charlie Brown (He's a clown), Searchin' (I'm searchin'), Young Blood, Poison Ivy, Down in Mexico, Along Came Jones...

I thought you knew everything, Ray!!

Vincenzo said...

Yakety Yak (Don't talk back) , another version

Along Came Jones

Charlie Brown , newer performance

swissmiss said...

Thanks Vincenzo!! I hope Ray sees these. I will have to view them when I have an hour to spare due to my slow dial-up. I know there is a quicker way to view these things, but I haven't gotten around to figuring it out yet.