26 October 2007

Hoof marks on the roof

I almost forgot, it's Friday! With all the stuff going on in my family, being on the phone and relaying messages and such, it has started to wear me down.

Don't have anything really frivolous today, but a friend did send me a link to a cute webpage. It's called Santa Claus and Christmas at the North Pole. It was sent to me because it has oodles of Christmas cookie recipes. I've looked at some of them, but not too much of the rest of the site, so caveat emptor! There are lots of fun things on the site. Check it out if you're in the Christmas mood.

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Divine Mercy said...

oh you got to see my blog!!!! go see my post about Christmas trees, bulbs exct! you'll love it! don't forget to enter my newest give away if you like!!!