15 October 2007

Surely you MUST be joking, Mr. Feynman

I hope to be old and senile by then, with my daughter a cloistered nun and my son a priest. Unless, of course, all forms of religion have been banned...

Forecast: Sex and Marriage with Robots by 2050
By Charles Q. Choi, Special to LiveScience

Humans could marry robots within the century. And consummate those vows.
"My forecast is that around 2050, the state of Massachusetts will be the first jurisdiction to legalize marriages with robots," artificial intelligence researcher David Levy at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands told LiveScience. Levy recently completed his Ph.D. work on the subject of human-robot relationships, covering many of the privileges and practices that generally come with marriage as well as outside of it.

At first, sex with robots might be considered geeky, "but once you have a story like 'I had sex with a robot, and it was great!' appear someplace like Cosmo magazine, I'd expect many people to jump on the bandwagon," Levy said.

What a bunch of depraved lemmings!

And, what was the analogy your parents always used to say about jumping off a bridge if all your friends did?

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gemoftheocean said...

C'mon, the story comes out of Massachusetts. ANYTHING could happen there...except perhaps, deposing Ted Kennedy.


Sanctus Belle said...

I am going to be sick