28 October 2007

Relics, we've got relics

I recently won two third-class relics from Divine Mercy's blog. She often times has give-aways on her site...check it out for a chance to win some nice Catholic items. The relics I won are St. Monica (how appropriate!) and the Divine Mercy.

Thank you Divine Mercy, for the wonderful relics!

At her suggestion, here are some of my other relics. Sorry, the picture isn't the greatest, but I only have a cheapy digital and poor lighting!

The relics are:
Top row: St. Francis (I don't have any authentics or bona fides on this relic to know if it is a first- or second-class relic)

Second row: Divine Mercy and St. Monica (third-class)

Third row: St. Therese (S. Teresiae a Jesu Infante, Virg) First-class - ex ligneo, pulvere, mixto pulveri corpis, quem residuum prima capsa funeralis ("From the remains of the wood, mixed with the dust of the body, the residue of which was contained in the first coffin.")
St. John of the Cross (S. Joannis a Cr. Doct) Second-class - don't have authentics, but have a letter from the priest that obtained it that "The one of St. John of the Cross is only 2nd class. It is a piece of wood from a table which he used. No first class relics of St. John were available."

Fourth row: St. Laurence (S. Laurentii a Brund. Pr.C.D.) First-class - ex ossibus ("from the bones")
St. Catherine of Siena (S. Catharinae Senen.) Second-class - ex indumentis ("from the clothing")

I scanned one of the authentics below for St. Therese.

May revise post later with more info...don't have any time right now!


Divine Mercy said...

very nice display! excellent photos! glad you posted them!:) check back on monday at the blog to see who the winner is:)

Hidden One said...

*inclined toward envy... struggling... decides not to reread the list. :P

swissmiss said...

The relics were my father's. I was just lucky enough to inherit them. I don't know if you caught some of my prior posts, but my husband's family, all Protestants now, probably have as many relics, if not more, floating around somewhere in a box. The family had been Catholic generations back. I've been trying to track these things down for years, but seem to be getting the run around

Anonymous said...

You have First Class Relics?! Wow--that is so cool! First Class Relics! You are so lucky!

Anna Seraphima said...

Consoled that you rescued the relics. May you find them all.

how do you get to read divinemercy?