17 July 2007

Eliminating the need for confessionals?

Is it a quark or is he a quack? A University of Washington (my other alma mater) physics professor is working on a quantum physics experiment to prove the existence of reverse time. Stephen Hawking, well-known scientist and atheist, doesn't believe in it. He thinks time only moves forward. However, I have listened to a brilliant (I mean brilliant) physicist talk about reverse time like it was a given. I tend to believe in the possibility. Anyway, it is interesting.

If we only had a chance to undo past sins, that would be wonderful. Or, is it more of a curse? Would we be forever correcting our mistakes, like Hindus or Scientologists, in this life or past lives, until we somehow managed to achieve Nirvana or Enlightenment or...?

Confession actually starts to look good compared to having to do things over and over until you get it right.

Beam us up, Scotty!

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