10 July 2007

Wisconsin or anywhere but here

I was living in Seattle when Jesse Ventura was elected governor of Minnesota. Everyone I worked with wanted me to shed some light on how this could happen. What were the people in MN thinking?

No answer. All I could say was, at least he wasn't Humphrey.

The people of Minnesota spent the next four years cringing every time Jesse felt threatened and lashed out at reporters and the media. They tolerated his tenuous affiliation to the Navy SEALS, but criticized him when he shut down the governor's mansion. In the end, they were just glad to see him go without having him cause too much damage to the State. Harvard, where he went to "teach" after leaving office, could have him, the same with Mexico, where he reportedly went to live. So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehn, GOOD BYE!

Now that I've moved back to MN, I still shake my head at the politicians we have.

According to a recent article, Al Franken, who is running against Senator Norm Coleman (not a favorite of mine), recently raised more money than Coleman. Although most of the donations were of $100 or less, it doesn't hurt to have Hollywood types backing you. Franken, despite his Harvard and Hollywood pedigrees, has an even thinner skin than Ventura. I guess he'll invoke the grade school play ground rules of not hitting a kid that wears glasses. Franken might find that Minnesota Nice melts around election time.

Earlier this year, the University of Minnesota mulled over the idea of giving Al Gore an honorary doctorate. They gave one to Hillary...and Yanni. I guess he'd be in good company. The U of M is probably waiting to see if Gore announces a run for President or if the latest concerts put Gore in "rock star status." The U of M has it's own reasons for bestowing this degree and I have a feeling it changes with which way the wind blows. Hey, it's not my Alma Mater!

I just hope I don't have to be like Alec Baldwin and feel I have to leave the country if these things come to fruition. Maybe I'd just go to Wisconsin, or Canada, or Mexico, until all this blows over. I should check to see if Jesse has a guest room available.

Organized religion is a sham and a crutch for weak-minded people who need strength in numbers. It tells people to go out and stick their noses in other people's business
Jesse Ventura in a Playboy interview


Cathy_of_Alex said...

swissmiss: My Dad and I are still waiting for Alec Baldwin to leave the country.

swissmiss said...

Political views aside, I think a lot of people are just waiting for Alec Baldwin to leave. Period.

:o) said...

Ventura's election? That happened because the great unwashed came out to vote.

swissmiss said...

The great unwashed...you must have a military background. Most of the people I know that use that phrase were in the military! If there are so many Catholics in the world, where are our votes going? Seems the unwashed AND Catholics are voting for these folks.