20 July 2007

When does my subscription run out?

I've been getting St. Anthony Messenger magazine for a few years now, off and on. I got tired of their watered-down, touchy-feely articles, so I cancelled. Two years went by and they kept calling with sales pitches to tug at your heart strings. Their magazine helps to put men through the seminary. Hard to argue with that. I renewed again this year because I wanted to support Catholic causes/charities. I was also tired of the windy and rambling articles in the Wanderer and New Oxford Review. My father had given me subscriptions many years ago to the latter two as as gifts. Sweet hubby really liked NOR, so kept renewing, until recently. We can get the Wanderer at Mass. Now I'm going to tell St. Anthony Messenger to not renew my subscription again. I think there are better places to spend my money.

A few issues ago, SAM had that saint of virtue, George Clooney, on the cover. Granted, his humanitarian efforts are commendable, but there are a lot of other people that they could've had on the cover without being controversial. Some people might like the warm and fuzzy articles in SAM, but like I told the people when I cancelled the first time, I get nothing out of the magazine.

I'm considering a few magazines, but would like to hear any suggestions. I'm looking for something that is way more hard-hitting than SAM, less wordy and more edited than the Wanderer, and less slash and burn than the NOR (I'm still pondering this one). Any body get First Things? NCR? Other?


Sanctus Belle said...

George Clooney?? I totally agree with you - money could be better spent. They may benefit from knowing why you are cancelling.

I'm a lover of the New Oxford Review. I agree some of the articles can be long and drawn out - but I seldom disagree with them. They have an unabashed way of speaking the truth that I find endlessly refreshing. When the new issue comes in the mail, my husband moans and complains - knowing I'll be MIA for the rest of the day! :)

swissmiss said...

Yes, George Clooney. It was about Darfur, which is a mess, but George Clooney on a the cover of a Catholc magazine? Who's next, Hillary?

I am seriously reconsidering NOR. My husband loves it.

Looking into buying some books instead, however. Some on the lives of the saints. In need of a spiritual director since I seem to be spinning in place. Like St. Teresa said about the 18 years of her life, she waxed and waned. Need to move past it.

Ma Beck said...

I subscribe to NOR, but I also get "Crisis", which is a good one.
SAM - garbage.
How 'bout Commonweal?

swissmiss said...

I'll have to look into Crisis. Thank you for your succinct review of SAM. Hit the nail on the head!

Two votes for NOR already. May have to resubscribe.