19 July 2007

Stupid utterances
Yes, it was late and I was tired

Last night, my husband and I were talking...can't even remember what about. He said something to which I said:
"Yeah, back when we were married."

I meant to say, "Yeah, back when we lived in Seattle."

Needless to say, hubby looked at me weird and I was on the floor laughing.

It does harken back to when we did get married. Father Ince and my husband said the vows, I didn't. I was too busy trying to put the ring on hubby's finger to notice I was supposed to be saying something. We have always joked that my husband and Father Ince are married, I was just their witness.

Then Father Ince came to our reception wearing a button that said, "Stay Single." What a card ;} During our rehearsals, he kept telling us to make things look "schmaltzy." Sorry, Father, we kind of missed on that note too.

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