16 July 2007

Strong drink required

A week or so ago, I was listening to Relevant Radio and they were talking about abortion. Specifically, partial birth abortion. Despite my strong stomach, I HAD to turn off the radio. What barbarism have we come to that this atrocity takes place AND is on polite Catholic radio. Not that it shouldn't be talked about, not that it was improper to have it on Relevant Radio. Just the fact that our society, we, you and me, have gotten to this point and we are jaded to it.

The gentleman said everyone should read the 2000 and 2003 partial birth rulings. The ruling on partial birth abortion should be REQUIRED reading for everyone. For the 2003 link.

Strong warnings apply. Sit down. Hug your kids and be prepared to be nauseated.


Ma Beck said...


One time, on the PFL site, I was able to download an audio file of an interview by Father Pavone with a woman who had once worked as a nurse in a Chicago hospital (Christ Hospital - I know, I know) where they performed abortions.
She spoke of some babies being born alive. She would hold and rock them in a dirty linen closet until they died.
I was looking for this audio file just yesterday, but can't find it now...
It greatly affected me.

swissmiss said...

Father Pavone is a saint. How he can confront this every day is a miracle, a gift from God. The stories the ex-abortion clinic workers tell are hideous. How a woman can be pro-choice and still say she is pro-baby or pro-family is like being schizophrenic.

Sanctus Belle said...

Abortion is nothing but a violent murder.

swissmiss said...

...a legalized violent murder of an innocent defenseless baby.