24 July 2007

Not again

It seems that Christmas just gets in the way of everything. From OneNewsNow.com:

Unless history repeats itself, Christmas may be canceled at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport as holiday decorations are once again the subject of a proposed ban. The Port of Seattle's Holiday Decorations Advisory Committee says the airport should be decorated for Christmas this year, but without any religious symbols. Last December, nine trees decorated with red ribbons and bows were removed after a rabbi threatened to sue unless a menorah was added. However, the trees were put back on display after the rabbi said he never wanted them removed. Mat Staver is founder of Liberty Counsel, which intervened in the dispute last year. He says legal action may be necessary again. "Obviously, Liberty Counsel will get involved as we did last year with this airport," the attorney explains. "We sent a letter [last year] demanding that they return the Christmas decorations to the airport -- and with the public outcry, the airport did. This year, obviously, we're back to the battleground again, and we're certainly going to go to bat for protecting Christmas." Staver says it is absurd that government officials in Seattle are once again trying to censor Christmas in public. "I think it's ridiculous in a country where we have December 25 as a state and federal holiday to celebrate and honor Christmas -- something that's rooted in the history of America -- that governmental entities would come to censor it out," he says. Staver predicts that legal action is likely if the panel does not revamp its proposal to accommodate religious symbols.


Ma Beck said...

At O'Hare, there's a bunch of Christmas trees that are donated by the businesses in the airport.
They each have a sign, which reads:
"This Holiday Tree was donated by McDonalds" or whomever.
Last year, someone took a black magic marker and marked out "Holiday", replacing it with "Christmas."
Thought that was funny.
If it happens again this year, I'm photographing it.

swissmiss said...

I hope they learned their lesson, but if not, I can't wait to see the pictures!