02 July 2007

Orion Nebula

To me, things like this are beguiling and incredible. I don't get atheists, so much can't happen by chance. It seems that atheists have to keep telling themselves that God doesn't exist, because there is so much beauty and astonishment in our world showing them the opposite. The more I know about science, the more there has to be a Creator behind all of it.

The following is taken from Space.com
In one of the most detailed astronomical images ever produced, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope captured an unprecedented look at the Orion Nebula. This turbulent star formation region is one of astronomy's most dramatic and photogenic celestial objects. More than 3,000 stars of various sizes appear in this image.Some of them have never been seen in visible light. These stars reside in a dramatic dust-and-gas landscape of plateaus, mountains, and valleys that are reminiscent of the Grand Canyon. The Orion Nebula is a picture book of star formation, from the massive, young stars that are shaping the nebula to the pillars of dense gas that may be the homes of budding stars.


Serviam! said...

"To me, things like this are beguiling and incredible."

Oh, I couldn't agree more. A few of my kids and I had a chance last weekend to visit a friend who has a telescope. We got a chance to look at Venus, Saturn (could easily see its rings), and Jupiter (with four visible moons) that night.

As the kids and I looked into the telescope, we all had the same reaction of awe and excitement.

A painting speaks of a painter, a design demands a designer, and creation testifies of a Creator. To deny this is an act of blind faith greater than I can imagine.

swissmiss said...

I am speechless about what to say to atheists. Looking at things like this require no words to understand that a magnificent Creator had to be behind it.
I bought my husband a really nice telescope right before our son was born. Four years later and he still hasn't used it. We have a friend who is really into space and has a very nice telescope that he takes to parks and sets up to let everyone see the stars and planets. Simply incredible!