17 July 2007

From this side of the trenches
For Ma Beck

I took some more donations to Highland LifeCare Centers.
It was a beautiful day. A bit hot, however.
While I was there, a young woman came in for counseling.
She told the receptionist she wanted some counseling since she knew she was pregnant.
Being a mom, my first reaction was to tell her, "Congratulations!" Instead, I just smiled sheepishly at her.
She seemed distressed, but more overwhelmed at the situation than desperate. Not desperate enough to go down the street to Planned Parenthood.
I was so thankful for the ladies that were in the office. So kind, understanding, professional and loving. If I was pregnant and in a difficult situation, I would've wanted to find these ladies in the office.
But, even being in the pro-life office that I was, I was glad I wasn't the counselor, though I am sure they get a great deal of training on how to help pregnant women.
I didn't know what to say. I still don't. Although this woman was making steps in the direction of life, I was tongue-tied.
Though I wasn't working or volunteering there and didn't need to say anything, it was hard and very awkward for me.
I was filled with joy because it appeared that this woman was trying to find positive solutions to her crisis, but still knew that if this woman wasn't at TLC, it would be very easy for her to abort her baby.
It was a very powerless feeling and I was struck by how hard it hit me.
Just down the street is Planned Parenthood. Babies are dying. It's the dark and gritty front-line.
The people that stand outside the clinic and try to help save the lives of babies are incredible. All the people involved in the pro-life movement are.
We need more people like them.
Maybe, one day I will be able to stand along side them. Not an easy place to be.
At least, in this office, babies are being saved. THANK GOD.
Not all battles are lost.

Ma Beck over at WardWideWeb had a different experience. God bless you, Ma, for trying to help in a very difficult situation. Check out her blog for her very moving posts.

Like I mentioned in prior posts, Highland LifeCare Center will be moving practically right next to PP. The Archbishop is allowing the Holy Eucharist to be reserved there for Adoration. I might be overwhelmed, tongue-tied and powerless, but the Body of Christ right next to PP can work miracles.

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Ma Beck said...

Oh, my heart just leaps at the thought of a young girl taking that step into the Crisis Pregnancy Center.
I wish I could feel something other than negativity and moroseness and tragedy about sidewalk work.
Maybe one day I will.
I am glad you got something from the posts I did.
I'm glad I did them if anyone got something from them - if one person comes across my blog by way of Googling "Blues Brothers" or something, and happens upon the truth about abortion, I guess that's a positive - that's about all I can say for the situation.
I passed by that clinic again today, on my way somewhere else.
I was caught at a red light, in front of the building. There was a young Hispanic man out front, smoking in the gentle rain.
I looked at him and our eyes met. He quickly looked down, but I kept staring at him. I wanted him to know my point.
Eventually, he looked back up to find me still staring at him, no expression on my face.
I can't put my finger on what emotion I saw in him - sadness, maybe. Embarrassment?
The light changed, and I drove on, feeling what I know not.

swissmiss said...

Even though this was a good experience, it still really hit home all the bad that is happening just down the street. The whole thing is sad. When I was younger, I was a fence-sitter. I had absorbed enough of the nonsense that women should be able to do what they want with their bodies. I wouldn't have an abortion, but who was I to tell anyone else they shouldn't. It least with age comes (some) wisdom!!

Anonymous said...