25 July 2007

Heart talks with Mary

One of the books on my bookshelf that was my father's, given to him by Father Jakobek, is Heart Talks with Mary, Second Series, 1938, by Rosalie Marie Levy. Here's one of the entries:

Have you tried them?
A little more Patience, to bear up with this person with whom I am compelled to live, and who is not at all congenial to me.

A little more Firmness, to continue this work which duty demands and which is so repellent to me.

A little more Humility, to remain at the post to which God has led me and which does not fit in at all with my dreams and plans.

A little more Common Sense, to take people as they are, and not as I should like them to be.

A little more Prudence, to bother as little as possible about others and their affairs.

A little more Strength, to endure an event which so suddenly and profoundly disturbs my peace of soul.

A little more Cheerfulness, so as not to show I have been hurt.

A little more Unselfishness, in trying to understand the thoughts and feelings of others.

Above all, a little more Prayer, to draw God to my heart and to take counsel with Him.

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:o) said...

I should memorize those so as to carry them with me always. I'm sure I need them a dozen times a day! Thanks.