03 April 2008

A Catch-22?

or is it a pickle...
or a conundrum...

I was nominated for a Cannonball award in the category of:
Best Underappreciated Catholic Blog

This is all fine and well and it's quite an honor to be nominated (by Cathy), but it's a hard category to figure -- it's a poser. If I were to win this category with the most votes, does that mean I'm not really all that underappreciated? If I get the least amount of votes, will I be awarded the prize?

I just checked my stats (5:30pm on Thursday) and I have a steller showing at 15 votes. Holy cats, Batman! I didn't know that many people even read my blog! Considering that, aside from my husband and about two other people, no friends and family know I blog, I can't rally any troops to vote for me, so I'm SHOCKED that I have 15 votes. Thank you to whomever has voted for me!

If you haven't voted, head to the Crescat and check out the nominees.

And remember to vote early and often for St. Monica's Kneeler.

Thanks Vincenzo for the graphics!

This shameless message was approved by SMK.


Mairin :o) said...

I voted for you and would have nominated you if Cathy hadn't! (Despite your affection for suduko).

swissmiss said...

Thanks, Mairin. I certainly hope my love of Sudoku isn't my Chappaquiddick.