24 April 2008

CBF - Bible Study

The next year's bible study has been decided on. We will be studying the Book of Revelation.

The day starts with a meditation and a decade of the rosary then we listen will listen to the DVD of Father Kauth speaking. After that, we break into our small groups and discuss the study questions from Catholic Scripture Studies.

Just a note about the children's program. There are two sections, one class for the 2-3 year olds and another class for the 4-5 year olds. Moms with younger children and nursing infants are in their own "Mom's group," which is their small group for discussion.

From what I understand, the last five lectures deal solely with the notion of the "rapture."

The cost of the study is $60 and the children's program is an additional $30 per family, not per child.

For questions about the children's program, contact Michelle at 651.484.8206
Any other questions, you can contact Joan at 651.426.8201 or e-mail calledbyfaith@comcast.net

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Anonymous said...

Our next Bible Study will be Acts, then Revelation--I am so anxious for Revelation--I wish it were first--that book is very confusing!