14 April 2008

Only three days left

The Cannonball awards are about to wrap up. I am running a strong (and distant) fourth. Still, I'm SHOCKED I have that many votes since I seem to have scared everyone away with my latest round of Jeopardy.

A few months back, Sister Mary Martha was the messenger who told me my confirmation saint (St. Avia) was fictitious. Now, she is conveniently staying a vote or two ahead of me in third place. I think there is a conspiracy brewing for who takes third and it all has to do with the good sister.

What do we really know about Sister anyway? Maybe she bribed everyone with promises of hot dish for their votes. I should've thought of that. Drat.

Anyway. Thanks everyone for your votes! I can't believe I did so well (although Hallowed Ground is totally kicking my hiney). It's very satisfying to get 25 votes!! But, it would be even more satisfying to get two more votes and be able to stand on the podium, arm-in-arm with the good sister.

Vote at thecrescat.blogspot.com for St. Monica's Kneeler in the Best Underappreciated Blog category.

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